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Go to the cinema? and if you have a mobile phone in your pocket, then everything is not so bad!

Once on a regular St. Petersburg evening, during a walk, we wanted to
go to the cinema. At hand, of course, was only a mobile phone.
Spending a lot of time and money on the account for the downloaded megabytes
kinosaytov and not finding a convenient service for mobile phones, which would
aggregated schedules, we decided ... to cool! The result was a service
- Biletnaya.ru ( Biletnaya.ru )

Features :
1) convenient schedule of sessions, sharpened by mobile phones;
2) the ability to choose the cinemas you visit;
3) the ability to view the description of the film and scoring it;
4) watched and rated movies are hidden from the list;
5) access to the user schedule without authorization (through
short URL), which is important for mobile phones;
6) support of two megalopolises;) St. Petersburg and Moscow ; on request we connect and others.
7) for some cinemas shows the price tag.
8) does not show the sessions for which you are already late.

Ps. Service was written by my friends and colleagues, my only criticism and testing there =)
Pps . I use the service and not only from a mobile phone, in plans to draw a widget for Yandex, for example.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101874/

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