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Online already 30% of the population of Russia

Coordination Center .RU published summary statistics on the Runet audience for the second quarter. 2010 ( PDF ). The report was compiled according to the Public Opinion Foundation, iKS-Consulting, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Rosstat, and others.

Most importantly, the number of Internet users continues to grow at a rapid pace, despite all crises. At the end of spring 2010, there were 43.3 million Internet users in Russia (those who went online at least once a month), a weekly audience of 39.2 million people, and a daily audience of 29.4 million.

Weekly and daily audience gradually approaching the monthly, which is one of the key indicators of the development of the Runet.

Traffic in RuNet is growing exponentially. Judging by the dynamics, this year it will overtake last year’s by three times.

The growth of traffic is associated with the spread of broadband access, especially in the regions. Broadband penetration in Moscow at the moment is 74%, in the regions - 24%. On average in Russia - 28%.

According to the results of the first half of 2010, 2,886,589 domain names were recorded in the .RU domain. The growth rates of domain name registrations and the number of Internet users are leveled.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101868/

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