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The fifth issue was released

Good afternoon, reader!
I present to you the fifth issue of habradigest, which, in my opinion, is the most intense and interesting of all the issues that have come out. Judge for yourself: 15 articles on a variety of topics, from licenses to security, from PyGTK, to .NET. The issue has articles about databases, PNG format, fonts, javascript patterns, interface design and parallel computing in .NET. In general, I am very pleased with the second half of November. For 15 days, a lot of really interesting material appeared on Habrahabr and I am glad to present it to you in the form of this number. In the last issue, I complained that translations were a significant mass of material. In this issue there are also translations, but to my joy, their number is not so significant and the majority of articles are copyrighted texts.

The new number already contains 74 pages, which is more than, for example, the magazine “Computerra”, which is published weekly. Habradigest is rapidly growing in size and, although it is impossible to say for sure that the trend will continue, I would like to turn to habra people: if you have a desire to contribute to the project in any way, please contact me via personal mail.


All articles are in issue with permission of the authors.


I express my gratitude to the authors who wrote wonderful articles on Habré in the second half of November.

Project News

The habradigest project has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe from the site habradigest.ru . This channel will run through the news of the project, as well as announcements of articles that are selected for placement in future releases. Thus, the subscriber of our rss will always know in advance the content of the next issue.

Best author

Select the best article, which means that the best author was very difficult. All articles contain interesting material. But, in the end, it was decided to recognize the cycle of articles by the author of zigmat , under the generalized title “Text Design”, to be the best in this issue. Well, the zigmat itself is recognized as the best author of the second half of November, according to habradigest. Congratulations.
Thus, two authors fight for the title of the best author Habrahabr in November according to our digest: despoth with his article “Preparing a layout for a client” and zigmat with the cycle “Design text”. The winner is zigmat , since, in my opinion, its cycle affects a more extensive layer of knowledge. Congratulations.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/46204/

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