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Kogan Agora is already in January! The second android!


Australian company Kogan announced its device based on Android OS . Kogan is an Australian company that manufactures various digital technology.

In retail, the smartphone will appear at the end of January 2009 under the name Kogan Agora Pro . The price of the Agora Pro is set at 399 Australian dollars , which is roughly equivalent to 256 American dollars. The Agora model will be sold for 299 Australian dollars (192 US dollars). For the money you get a completely unlocked machine. Now you can make a pre-order for this smartphone . Orders are accepted worldwide, it remains to wait for January and you can wait for the parcel.
Quite an interesting smartphone, in comparison with the G1 , there is something attractive in it and the price does not bite.

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The specification of the Agora Pro model is as follows:

$ 100 cheaper you get a model Agora in which there will be no camera, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Pre-installed software: GMail ™, Google Calendar ™, Google Maps ™, Google Talk ™, and a YouTube ™ video player.

Looks like you have to order! The good news is that more and more news about the androyd platform is growing every day, the main competitor of windows mobile in the face of Google is gaining strength, the further it becomes more interesting. I always want to call him Kagora , instead of Kogan Agora . By the way, Agora on Wikipedia (ancient Greek άγορά) is a market square in ancient Greek polis that was a place for general civil meetings (which were also called agora by location), but this is not quite the topic.

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