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Five reasons not to use flash

Despite all the known problems of the Flash platform, web developers persistently use it for website design, not paying any attention to the advice of SEO experts and usability experts. Nevertheless, experts continue to repeat again and again about why you can not do that.

The well-known optimizer Oleg Ishchenko from the site SEOResearcher.com quite accessible and convincingly explains why you should not use flash instead of standard HTML.

Flash devours traffic
Although DSL has penetrated almost everywhere, still a huge number of people surf the web with dial-up or GPRS. Such site visitors can wait a long time to download multimedia files, especially if the flash screensavers use sound and video.

The “Back” button does not work
The “Back” button in the browser very often does not work correctly or does not work at all when viewing flash sites. At the same time, as web design gurus Jacob Nielsen said, the “Back” button is the second most important element of navigation after hyperlinks. If this button is unavailable, the user will go to the third most popular navigation element - the “X” button in the upper right corner.
In addition, if you intend to use contextual advertising on a page, then keep in mind that pages that do not have a “Back” button are not allowed to participate in the Google AdWords program.

Flash ignores user interests
The main rule of the marketer is the maximum concentration on the interests of the user. Flash sites ignore them. A well-known example is flash intros, which have long been recognized as one of the most hated objects on the Internet. The “Skip Intro” button is probably one of the most popular buttons on any flash site. The same goes for the sound effects, which in many cases can ruffle. For example, if a person came to the site from a quiet office or launched a browser at night when his wife and children are sleeping peacefully - and then suddenly loud noises are heard.

Problems with someone else's code
If you make a flash site for yourself, then no problems arise. But what if the studio makes a flash site for the order and in advance made sure that the source code could not be edited? The Flash platform allows for this. In this case, you will have to contact the same studio again and again, even if the site needs to change just one letter. There are cases when the developer required $ 4000 from the customer for the ability to "unlock" the "Back" button in the browser.

Search engines do not like flash
Perhaps this is the most important reason not to use flash. Not every search robot is able to isolate text from a flash code to index it. In the process of indexing a flash site, other problems arise, for example, with the generation of unique URLs, so that not every search engine can cope with this task.

The above five reasons are absolutely exhaustive arguments in favor of abandoning the flash. Yes, this platform is well suited for creating banners and advertisements, where it is an order of magnitude better than standard gif-animation. Flash can be excellently used in online games and for broadcasting animation on blogs. But as a flash site engine , this is evil .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/4620/

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