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HabraTODO - rating is set by habrauers

I propose to make a TODO (ideas for the site) with the ability for habrausers to prioritize on this or that point.

How do I imagine this: a list, with the ability to raise / lower the rating for an item; items with higher ratings go up.
You can increase the power of the voice of the karma user.

For me, for example, the highlighting of fresh comments is much more important than the fact that I am in my second round. Chesslovo - I can live like that, but to search among 60 comments - which one is the last - a lot of time.
Naturally, the rating indicator is not a guide to action, but only a reflection of the opinion of the habrasocommunity; in the end, the priorities are the Father.

Thus, it is always visible - what is important for the user.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/462/

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