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JetBrains Open Day in St. Petersburg: video

Recently, we held the first big event in our new Petersburg office Space - JetBrains Open Day .

Natalya Chisler, Human Resources VP

- There is such a tradition in our company - to invite guests to new offices. We did this in St. Petersburg in 2013, when we moved to Universe, in Novosibirsk, when the office started there, in Moscow and now again in St. Petersburg. This is a very good format for meeting interesting people, exchanging opinions and emotions. It turned out to make a holiday, and for themselves. The idea was to hold a meaningful event with presentations, talk about products and our plans. To give colleagues from outside the opportunity to see JetBrains from the inside, to understand what we are, what we live for, whom we are looking for and hire. It was also very interesting for us to communicate with the guests.

As promised, we share video reports of reports.

Milky Way Hall (large hall)

Sirius Hall

Phoenix Hall

Many thanks to everyone who came, it was great!

JetBrains Team
The drive to develop

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