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Heychar's reincarnation in Java developer

When I learned that Java developers were to be looking for two Minsk companies, I was delighted, because I was tired of searching for rare strong iPhone users, androids ... I think, oh, class, Java, hundreds of unknown profiles on My Circle and LinkedIn, a rather large database of javists available , now I will quickly send in large quantities letters with attractive offers, and the trick is in the hat.

We want you

My enthusiasm subsided in a week or two. As it turned out, all this time, with the search for javista ready to change jobs, there were problems not only for me, but also for the majority of Eycharov of Minsk. Eychary were looking for themselves, in parallel turned to the services of recruitment agencies for IT specialists, to freelance recruiters, they were ready to pay for recommendations. Of course, me and my colleagues Eychary found who they were looking for, and sooner or later the vacancies were closed, but the search and recruitment process could not last a month or two. Studying and analyzing the demand for Java developers, the difficulties of translation and wanting to compare offers from companies, learn chips and eychara wrappers, which may not be enough in my job descriptions, I decided to conduct such an experiment: spend a week in the role of a Java developer reviewing proposals for work.
So, on the weekend I started creating a profile on My Circle and, from this moment on, let me reincarnate as my imaginary hero and continue the story from his face.

The case history is as follows: I am a man (it would be better for everyone), I studied in a metropolitan technical university, I have 4 years experience in Java development, from 2007 to the present I have been working in 2 companies.

Exactly at midnight from Sunday to Monday I put a magic tick on My Circle that I was looking for a job, and went to bed. Later, on Monday, I posted my resume on jobs.tut.by (the most popular Belarus site) and began to wait. I did not indicate the phone number, but left only the e-mail. I kept my resume for jobs.tut.by active and didn’t remove the check mark on My Circle for 5 business days.

Some statistics

At jobs.tut.by, I found about 60 job offers for Java developers of the SE, SSE, TL levels, but it should be borne in mind that often 1 ad means several vacancies (I know a company in which there are 8 open positions under one ad ). From Monday to Friday, 35 job offers came to my e-mail, 31 of which are unique, because from 4 companies, offers came at the same time: 1) from domestic HV and from a freelance recruiter, 2) from two internal Eychars (or they were not interact with each other and do not agree on who writes to whom, or decided to freeze), 3) from the domestic office and from the agency for the recruitment of IT specialists. One offer was from a notorious Moscow company. And only 14 sentences from all received contained a description of the company, projects, requirements for a specialist, and working conditions that satisfied me. In others, the information was not entirely complete, or it was completely absent, which deprived me of an idea about what and under what conditions I would have to work.

My observations and impressions of the first communication with Eychar

1. And skinte resume! Some Eychary asked to send a more detailed summary, without describing the company's offer. Yes, my resume was flawed - the projects and my role in them were minimally described. Technologies that I own were indicated. All this in order not to distort information about projects in companies that I have indicated as places of my work. I postponed such letters to my “base of expectations” and was going to return to them if it didn’t work with those 14 companies that described the open positions in detail and tempting. I understand that in some companies there are several potentially suitable projects for me, and Eychar wants to orient myself, which I prefer, but with such a flow of letters, specific proposals look more convincing.

2. Write down the address! Several recruiters, who also did not describe the proposal and did not ask a single question, immediately called for an interview, which also confused me: I saw in this a sign that the company was ready to consider everyone, but I was ESPECIALLY.

3. There is an attachment form! In one company, I was asked to fill out a 3-page questionnaire, which for 50 percent consisted of what I wrote in my resume, and also had a number of Euchar questions. I probably would fill out such a form only if it were a company in which FIG get into, but ALL THERE WANT.

4. Unfortunately, I am Eychar. It was embarrassing that in 1 company Eychar focused on the fact that she does not have information about the projects, because she (!) Eychar. In general, her letter was quite pleasant, and I understand that sometimes there are really reasons why project information is not available to Eichar, but it’s not worth explaining the lack of information to Eichar. It is better to come up with another reason or get out if the information is still not available to you.

5. I and so , I and SYAK. It is clear that Eychar writes standard letters to everyone, sometimes copying information from different sources, but we, programmers, technical people like that, and me, for example, are not attracted to letters written in 3 different fonts of different colors. Maybe a graphic designer dies in this Euchar?

6. Flirt Detected. During the first communication with representatives of companies, a hint of flirting (about which a stereotype seems to be not unreasonable) was detected by 1 Aichar in the form of winky emoticons and a call to become a victim of every possible poaching.

7. I work, if that. There were also a couple of impersonal letters: without addressing by name, in the style of “hello, invite, our address is such and such”. In these cases, Eychar, it seems to me, sent a letter for a tick (they say, I work, if that).

Remaining still in the role of a Java developer, I want to say that, in the absence of other information (for example, feedback from friends, “what I have ever heard myself read about the company”) and forming an impression only on the first letter from Eychara, first queue I will consider those proposals about which I received exhaustive information. I do not ask for an individual approach to me (I’m for you, of course, so far only 2 pages of my resume), I’m not ready to flirt either. Here, of course, I speak only for myself, because I know that there are programmers who want to begin their acquaintance with lisping, so that, for example, to know: in the company you are waiting for an interview for at least Eyuch who has lisped with you, it seems to them that one goal in the gate is already scored. I want to know about the project, technologies, working conditions, additional information, for example, in the form of links, where you can read about the company that the authors of the letter represent (except dev.by ).

Here I come out of the role of my hero and accept the appearance of the author of this post.

Did I bring out any useful information from the experiment? Well ... I understood how complete and clear information about the offer is important with such a flow of letters from Eychar. In addition, I was once again convinced that there is indeed an increased demand for Java developers in Minsk: a stream of vacancies with a small number of candidates (from 0 to 2 per week) looking for a job, on My Circle or on the job site. I won’t be surprised that by inviting a candidate for an interview, you will find out that he has time for interviews for one or two weeks: my hero, for example, will need two weeks to go to interviews for those companies that impressed him. As for the availability of chips for enticing candidates for interviews, I didn’t find any special ones, they were rather based on the company's additional strengths. Then, on the one hand, some of the shortcomings of half the letters to my hero increased the chance of my suggestions, but, on the other hand, the sooner we get rid of these shortcomings, the less there will be holivars on the quality of work of Eychar.

UPD: I thought this was the end of the story (although there was a tempting offer from the guys of colleagues who read the post, pull me up on a dozen standard Java questions and send me for interviews for the material for the next article). The link to the article quickly spread out in narrow circles, someone from familiar Eycharas made compliments, and someone expressed indignation at such a “divorce”. However, having come to the box after 2 weeks (and I never deleted the account on My Circle), I saw a pack of new letters with a job offer: 9 new and 3 letters from Eychars, which had already been written before and now, after a week or two, asked , if I come to them at the end. The letter from Kiev smiled at me, in which the recruiter said that she was addressing my hero on the recommendation of a colleague from Minsk. And I thought about scratching the back of my head with the fact that some Eycharas and recruiters did not find this post and did not know that it was a stand. This may mean that they do not read thematic blogs, forums, perhaps even someone does not know about the existence of these or did not set out to learn. Well, or they have gone to work and have already closed all the vacancies, while here I try myself in the epistolary genre.

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