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What really motivates people

Periodically in the tape Habr, constantly stumble upon attempts to tell "about the motivation" of both yourself and other people.

But for some reason, everything always comes down to theoretical reasoning: for the most part, all reasoning comes down either to some kind of personal / other experience (moreover, de facto absolutely not applicable by anyone else in any other conditions) people usually do not have sufficient control and sufficient experience, or is it some meaningless / useless nonsense from the IBA course (useless for use in any other cultural conditions) from people who have never really led anywhere.

Below is a great video about what really motivates people. This video is based on practical experiments and projects the abstract concept of "motivation" on the application. I will note that this is a scientific report and it is simply impossible to put it into practice in any way “straight to the forehead”.
But the video gives an understanding - how it actually works and the one who can correctly recognize this can rethink his personal experience / knowledge and try very, very carefully to apply this knowledge in his practice.

Unfortunately, the movie is in English.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/285440/

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