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Best bad service


Habr is not a complaint book. But, nevertheless, articles appear on it with a given periodicity, which tells about those or other problems faced by habra users. Today I saw a review on working with Dragonar hosting , and even earlier a review on the work of Pay Pal .
And I thought, why most companies that, in fact, provide services to the client, live at the expense of clients, with such disdain for them are treated? Why in the Internet era, when 10 dissatisfied users can create colossal anti-advertising, do companies continue to make mistakes after mistakes and do not care about their reputation? Why do large Internet projects hire highly qualified and well-paid developers, but they save money on technical support, which, by its nature, is the face of the company when communicating with the client?

I thought. Over the past ten years, I have had many problems working with various companies. And these companies I remembered for a long time. But the most paradoxical thing is that those companies that created a problem for me, and then correctly solved it, left only positive memories with me. Moreover, I tell everyone about them and highly recommend it.

Las Vegas and Free Ford Mustang

A few years ago, I visited the United States for the first time. One of the cities I visited was Las Vegas. Without going into details, I’ll say that I needed a rental car. And since it was Las Vegas, then all the rentals that I found offered exclusively luxury cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche. They were called: Dream Car Rent.

I got the cheapest - red mustang convertible. As a deposit, I was blocked about $ 3000 on a credit card, which they promised to return 2 days after the car was returned. But when I arrived to give the car, the unit was not removed, since I paid in cash, but they forgot about the credit card. A week later I ran out of money. I was in Atlanta and could not pay for coffee. Needless to say what I felt at that moment.

When I returned to Russia, I found the phone of the company where I rented a car. On Skype, I told them that I had such problems due to the fact that they forgot to withdraw a block of funds on my credit card. I just wanted them to correct this error. But they did much better. They promised not only to remove the block, but also to return all the money for the rent. So they did. I am a tourist from Russia who may never visit Vegas again. In such cases, you understand the true meaning of the phrase "every client is important to us."

Exchange.ru: Buy an apartment, army as a gift

A similar story happened to me in Russia. Only its ending was not so positive. I thought up somehow to make such nonsense, like buying an apartment on credit. Many options were analyzed and an offer from the company was exchanged . They pledged to take on all the functions of loan processing and the transaction itself. I just had to pay for it quite understandable money. Moreover, I thought it would be better to trust the professionals than to stuff the bumps myself.

When I said what my initial amount was, they recommended that I increase it so that it reaches 40% of the value of the property, since in this case the mortgage percentage will be lower by 0.25%. And considering the size of the loan, this is about 60,000 rubles of overpayment.

In general, the money was found among friends and acquaintances, and when the loan was issued, it turned out that the promised reduction in the interest rate did not happen. Since the credit manager from the company Exchange.ru should have indicated an amount not 40%, but more than 40%. At least for a ruble. When I called there, their answer shocked me, to say the least. I just described the situation. He said that I hate what happened. And asked if it can be fixed.

The head of the department (it seems the department of Novostroek) a certain Bukhrenko Sergey just broke off all my ideas about how an employee should talk to a client. And not because he constantly stuttered, but because it turns out that they gave me a loan with violations. Without a military ticket. That I should be grateful for his work. And if I still call, he will inform not only the bank to have the loan withdrawn from me, but also to the military registration and enlistment office to be taken to serve. Imagine? I paid this company almost 200 thousand rubles for services, and their employee threatens me with a military registration and enlistment office!

In spite of the fact that I entered graduate school that summer, it really hurt me.
Further communication was about the same. As a result, he promised that the company would refund me the commission for the loan processing services (about $ 1,500) and I can pick them up when I arrive at the office. And when I arrived at the office, they told me that no one promised me anything and, in general, why am I worried? I have such a good salary!

Several years have passed since then, but I still recommend everyone not to get involved in the exchange.ru company. Even if they have good employees, even if they got rid of Mr. Buhrenko. My feedback on Exchange.ru will only be negative. Especially since when I met my housemates, it turned out that I was not the only one who had been thrown like that.
But how could this problem be solved? It was necessary just to communicate with me to admit his mistake. Recognize the mistake of your employee. Just apologize. It costs a lot. But that did not happen. One unbalanced type undermined the reputation of the entire company with such a successful domain name.

Weather in your phone

Mts. About 10 years I have been their client. I even remember why I made such a choice. Megaphone for students and youth. MTS for business. Beeline - a cross between the two. At least at that time they were positioned that way. And then some MTS news, advertising, weather began to come.
Long waiting for the response of the operator to ask to disable this nonsense. Your call is very important to us. What irony is to hear more than a minute! A serious company, which was positioned on the market as a company for business, engaged in such repulsive actions. I seriously thought even disconnect. And, in general, I can no longer call myself a loyal customer. And you just had to ask the operators to apologize for the connection of the imposed service and provide for its quick disconnection. Whereas, this actually resulted in tedious instructions on how to connect to the Internet assistant from MTS.

Great service, great support

One of the most pleasant memories I have left from the company Ivideon. We in the offices needed to install video surveillance with the ability to view via the Internet. We tried many options. From self-made, to "professional systems". Yes, very expensive solutions, perhaps, would solve our problem. But we could not afford to spend more than a certain amount.
And here our system administrator found the site ivideon.ru via Google. It was then when very few people knew about them. We opened the demo , saw the real working cameras. Loved it. We tried to connect the cameras we already bought and ... nothing happened. They were not on the list of supported hardware. In addition, the cost was absolutely incomprehensible.

I just called there. And I was really surprised. It seemed to me that at the other end of the wire was not a trained technical support specialist, but a person who really wanted to help me. And this despite all that, it turns out, the service itself is completely free in the functionality that we needed. In the future, they planned to sell additional paid options, compatible equipment, but the service itself and the applications are and will be free of charge.

Our camera was not supported. I asked the system administrator to send them its name and model. The next day, we received a beta version of software from Ivideon, which already supported our cameras. And the next day, they called back themselves and asked if everything worked out for us.

Perhaps it was at the initial stage, but now they have grown and become worse. Perhaps that tech support specialist is no longer working there. But I still have very pleasant memories from communicating with a person from this company. And when I hear that someone wants to install a video surveillance system - I recommend Ivideon. You could say that I just became their fan. They did not earn me a penny. But I learned about them, I was inspired by the quality of their work. And without knowing it, he brought many other clients to their company. When I take out the iPad, show how I can see my offices anywhere, tell me what a wonderful company this is, I will not will and advertise them. And I think that it is necessary to work only in this way.


I listed several stories from my own life, which arose as a result of communication with the customer service of a company. It probably resembles some Carnegie style analogies: one young man did like this, and then he did this. But, as it seems to me, real examples are the most indicative. I apologize to those for whom there are too many letters in the article and little sense.
Since I have long been on the Habré, I know that comments will certainly appear: What did the author want to say? What is the meaning of this article? Why on Sunday evening does it litter the Internet with unnecessary bytes?

Very simple. I want to say that if you are creating a startup company. It doesn’t matter if it is innovative technologies, bun sales or an interesting internet project. Think about the service. Do not repeat these mistakes and use the positive experience of others. Why spend a lot of money on advertising and promotions, then to merge customers due to errors in the organization of the support service? Learn to accept the truth - the client is always right. Make him your friend. Give him what he wants and more. Surprise him. Learn to admit your mistakes. And then, your business will go up the hill! Since one hundred loyal customers will help you much more than thousands of dollars on AdWords with a dozen extremely negative reviews on the Internet.
Teach this to your employees. Create the appropriate culture. It's not easy, but worth it! Remove, in the end, the queue at Sberbank!)

And the most important thing. When you see the mistakes of others and find the strength to correct them, you create a better company. Best service. You can drop down those who have reached the pinnacle of success and do not see your problems, customer problems. Who put the bolt on your business and quality of work, thinking that you can do nothing, sitting on the Cote d'Azur and the company will still make a profit. Notice this, correct and take their places. People will be grateful for the best service! I will use your product!

PS I understand that the last paragraph is somewhat idealized for Russia. Since in the same Moscow there are more than 20 million people and it is possible to sell spoiled patties in transition without damage to their reputation for a long time (very few people read reviews about patties). But if you are planning on a truly world-class undertaking (are you planning? Otherwise, why are you on a habre?), Then without high-class customer service, provided that the niche is already occupied by someone, it will be almost impossible. In fact - the best service may be the only competitive advantage today, in an era of saturation of the market with goods and services.

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