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Bad good employer

Re-reading today's articles Habra, stumbled upon such a post with a title appealing to justice: The employer threw

I read it very carefully and ran through all the comments. As a person who used to trust people, I felt solidarity with the author, and even put a "+". But I was surprised that of all those who commented, no one paid attention to the fact that everyone actually has their own truth. In no way do I want to condemn the author or take his side. It is quite possible that he was not deservedly deprived of his salary. I just want to say that very often people see and tell only a part of the situation. Sometimes deliberately hiding, sometimes sincerely mistaken in their assessments and conclusions.
And could the employer have good reasons to do so?
I have often heard phrases like educated and seemingly smart people like: “They earned X million on this project, but I received the Y award only. Perhaps it is. And maybe not. People do not think that implementing a project is only part of the costs borne by the company. How long has it been unprofitable while spinning up? How much money is spent on rent and taxes? How much and who had to work in order to get this project ... It is difficult to judge what you do not know.

But, in general, I did not want to tell about it. And about the case that was in my practice. We took a great programmer to work. In the summary proudly flaunted the name of one of the most famous Russian IT-companies. I was even somewhat embarrassed to ask him questions. He worked in such a place! His previous jobs were also no worse. He knew everything that we needed and even more. He has gone from a high-end developer to a team leader. He knew English perfectly. I swear, I even felt the complexes and the joy at the same time because we found a great employee!

As time went. Month, two. And we didn’t see any special Kung Fu from his side. Moreover, he did not systematically appear in the office, and the fact that he did, more, created problems than gave the result. His resume was a proud line of Linux, but he categorically did not know how to use bash. When he was given time to deal with him - he did the task (I just didn’t fall off the chair when I saw it) in Excel!

Further more. Despite the track record in the resume and teamlead postscript, he flatly refused to use Redmine. Arguing this is that he is a leading developer and is not befitting him to write his tasks there. Moreover, he stunned me by unsubscribing from the redmine notifications. Lead developer who does not want to be aware of the project. When asked what he does and when there will be a result, he answered: in the process. But time passed and there was no result.

At first, we blamed it on his eccentricity and the fact that he needed time to get on top of things. But the funny thing is that 2 weeks after he was hired, we hired another employee. C ++ developer girl. In the first three weeks she gave such results that he did not master in 3 months of her work.

I must say that then we have adopted a bonus mechanism. When the salary is paid relatively small, and the bonus is very substantial. And, despite the lack of results and poor attendance in the first two months, he received a salary along with a good premium (blamed on the fact that he needed to enter the project).

But in the third month we had a thorough talk with him (admittedly, before that, too, there was talk). They warned that it would not go any further and we should start working in a team like everyone else. Use Redmine, spend more time in the office. There was no negativity, cry or anything like that. But, nevertheless, he, apparently, regarded it as a personal insult. Walking has become even less. Placed on the Internet your resume. Apparently, actively attended interviews.
At the end of the month he did nothing. We asked other developers to independently evaluate its contribution. Each of them looked and said it was 0.
The man just came and did nothing.

We invited him and gave him two salaries, proposing to cease cooperation. He was genuinely indignant. After all, we promised him a real salary of this team leader. And the fact that he was never a team leader and does not possess any skills did not bother him at all. The man lied about everything when he got a job. For all items 0. Higher education? As it turned out, he was not thereafter, since he was expelled. English? Yes, he absolutely could not write in Russian. In kindergarten, children write and that literate. I looked at his resume again and called one of the companies (I had a friend there). It turned out that he never worked there. And all the other companies to check it was not so easy. Most of them were foreign, with offices in New York or San Francisco.

And, despite the fact that all his resume was a lie from beginning to end, he simply resented. We threw him, and he is poor and miserable. The day after his dismissal, he began to write formidable letters and send obscene videos about what a bad boss he had, with wishes of every death and bankruptcy. A day later, it turned out that he had foreseen his dismissal and deleted all his work in the previous two months.

These are people like that. For some reason, an analogy with the Mages from the Ashmanov story comes to mind: "Life is inside a bubble." They come to the company, promise mountains of gold and new horizons, receive high salaries for a while until management understands that they have been deceived. And nothing prevents them from going further into the next.

So be careful. Now we are sure to check all the resumes. We draw attention to literacy (if a person has not learned to write fluently in Russian, then the programming language is even more so “niasilite”). In general, learn from the mistakes of others and good developers to the team!

PS: since then, enough time has passed. I do not feel any negative or bad emotions about what happened. I even feel a little sorry for the person who goes on such a deception and runs from company to company. Hardly love him for it. And at that moment when it happened, I had some kind of internal resentment and a sense of injustice. We spent a substantial amount of money on him (he had a very market salary), and not only didn’t get anything, but also patted our nerves.

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