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Do you want your article in Habré to look prettier? Then this offer is for you!
Quite often, posts containing thoughts of the author are published on Habré, but in view of the abstractness or lack of visibility of the topic of the post, the author rarely succeeds in picking up an illustration. So I decided to help such authors and offer their services in illustration. And, of course, I will do it for free, but not so easily!

What is required to be illustrated?

Why am i doing this

First, to get practical skills of quick drawing and inventing. That is why I do it for free, which is why the result can be ambiguous;) Secondly, in order for Habr to become even better! And, thirdly, because I love to do beautifully, I love my work and I want the world to become a little brighter! And in order to boast and say: “I drew it!”;)


It should be taken into account that my experience is microscopic: basically I draw websites and icons and the fact that, in addition to Habr, I also have work, so we will agree immediately that the illustration can be prepared in about two days (I drew this for 20 minutes, i.e. the main thing that I was free).


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/28543/

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