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Opera 9.51 Final

User interface
- Customized Opera skin
- Improved tab dragging.
- Fixed a problem with search engines when upgrading from Opera 9.2x.
- Fixed stability issue when printing or viewing print.
- Added option to switch mouse flips to opera: config (User Prefs - Enable Mouse Flips).
- Text input areas are now empty when the cache is disabled.
- Saving images is no longer recorded in downloads.

Mail / News
- Tapes are now displayed when you subscribe to them.
- Fixed stability problem that occurs when clicking on the items in the drop-down list when switching views.
- Customized the deployment of topics in the Mail when receiving new messages.
- Fixed problem when multiple views (access points) were displayed for the same account.

Screen and Scripts
- Fixed stability issue with User JS.
- Style sheets are now loaded when navigating through history.
- window.close () now works after calling the context menu and closing Opera Dragonfly.
- Fixed an issue where functions could open data from an arbitrary area of ​​memory, as reported by Philip Taylor.
- Fixed an issue that could be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Billy Rios. Details will be revealed later.
- Security status is now set correctly when moving from HTTP to HTTPS.
- Fixed a problem related to OCSP and CRLs that were compromised.
Note: This hotfix will take effect with a weekly update or when you manually select an update (Help> Check for Update).

- Fixed stability issue with Yahoo! Mail.
- TinyMCE 2.1.x editor now works as it should.
- Print chat elements improved.
- Reconnection of the IRC client is infused and improved.
- Menus on deviantart.com now work as expected.
- Unwanted line breaks in rich text editor are neglected.

Windows specific changes
- Fixed a resource leak in the loading window that caused visual rendering problems and other related problems.
- Command line parameters should now be defined before any URL on the command line.

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