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I am above you all or how to communicate with an IT specialist

I begin a series of articles on the practical application of psychology for successful work with IT staff. Everyone knows that we are a kind of people. In some places stubborn, in places arrogant and even egocentric. These articles will be of interest to HR specialists and not only.

Meet - ordinary ITishnik Vasily

It all started in the near 85th year. He was born on July 23 at three o'clock in the morning and, not knowing the words, thought to himself: “Hello world”.

And the world answered him, also not with words, but with thousands of sounds from everywhere. Exclamations of touching parents, scuffling in the maternity ward, the roar of a jackhammer on the street - sounds, sounds, developing into an endless noise curtain.

From the first minutes of his life, this cacophony became his personal nightmare, haunting him from morning to night and subsiding only towards evening. All in a circle: day - in anticipation of night silence; blessed night - when the world is asleep and silent, and you can finally hope to work, to hear the answer to the confusing code of your thoughts being sent to emptiness ... I did not have time to lie down - morning: “Vasya, Get Up! Breakfast is cold! ”

What is the day for him - inevitable collisions with a faceless mass, to which he simply does not care, or a bitter pleasure of arrogance from feeling much higher than this gray crowd?

“Vas, how many sandwiches do you need?” Silence. After the second appeal, Vasya says: “A? What? .. "And so all the time. You can even not repeat the question, he heard it perfectly. Asking, he takes a timeout. He needs time to switch to your reality, accept a question, enter into himself, immediately get an answer, get out of himself to say this answer. Surprisingly, he knows the answer to any complex question about physics or programming, but because of the double entrance-exit from himself, it creates an impression almost mentally retarded. Slow-minded elementary school teachers think about the future winner of programming olympiads and the brilliant physicist that he is called a “brake” and is called “sluggish,” and this is because, in fact, they are no good for him because of mental alertness.

At work, or simply in concentration, he sometimes forgets to eat, he can’t figure it out for hours, where does this discomfort come from, and he just wants a little ... Do you want him to react to your endless vain questions immediately?

However, the obvious intellectual superiority not only gives him a lot of advantages. Few people know how to disarm an old-fashioned ram in one word - the school fight ends without starting. He never tries to become a favorite of teachers, moreover, he is inclined to choose from among those who are his authority. How many times have I heard admiring babble that he is much older than himself.

Well, ok, older so older, classmates, teachers, parents. It is good that there is a night when you are all asleep, and you can rest from you. From question to you.

With the advent of the first computer in the family, little has changed in sensations: Vasya was still the first and only one who understood everything, and was simply doomed to respond to endless helpless “Vasya! Come quickly here, I clicked on something, where everything has gone! ” Well, now he was already quite mature, and no one else tugged at him at night, when, finally, the competition for a place in front of the monitor was ending.

Obviously, Vasya turned out to be higher than his peers in the choice of life, immersed in the usual fuss - where to go to study, where to find work, to do nothing, but to earn well - and eventually doomed to humiliating five days and crowds in the subway in hours peak. At 9 he connected two home computers to the network, at 12 he made his first website for money, at 17 he left the second year at the Faculty of Computational Technologies, because the institute program did not keep up with virtual reality, despite the fact that he was on his own able to swallow Java or C ++ for a couple of nights and immediately start working with them ... By itself, that independent schedule was the day every unhappy “manager” and “specialist in ...” dreamed about. He can help a piece of iron with a piece of iron at any time of the day, and carry out orders ... well, of course, at night.

Yes - God Save the Internet! After all, this is a whole dimension in which only those like him can live. Separate universe, created by themselves for themselves. In which there is no time and space in which its rules are established, where there is only the speed of thought and connection.

Naturally, Vasya is on a friendly footing with information technology. Unlike others, and in particular from those very “larks” who, from the first days of his life, only know that to beat him in the ears with the results of his life activity, he has a special ability - to think abstractly. It is this property that makes him seek peace and solitude, where he can concentrate on himself and his thoughts. It and only it allows you to feel (and not without reason) above others and from the whole environment to find friends of your own kind. The same, necessarily slightly turned on something, with which you can only talk on an equal footing. His abstract intellect is capable of creating something in which for a mere mortal "devil's leg breaks" ... And who else can even at least understand what the code is? More abstract and intangible than that you can imagine.

In darkness and silence, the easiest way to focus the mind on abstraction. At midnight, Vasya was looking for an error in the code. Not limited to the framework of the working day, he arranged a smoke break a hundred times, looked into ICQ - another information technology miracle, the merits of which cannot be overestimated - there are no unnecessary sounds, gestures and flickering movements in chat rooms, there are only letters and a concentrated word that conveys thought.
He closed the window of Skype, where he got used to learn the news from old friends who had not become colleagues - drunken musician Seregi and “slowly but surely” Sasha, slipping into drugs, who, after two years in the army, lives and goes down the slope ...

Vasya finished the last cigarette, finished debugging the code, looked at the result of his work and saw that it was a ho-ro-sho.

The instruction for the director and employees of the enterprise on the treatment of the employee of the IT department.

The following simple recommendations will significantly increase the efficiency of your information technology department:
1. First of all, take care of the organization of sound ecology in the working environment and in the course of work of an IT employee, in particular:

If such recommendations seem ridiculous and far-fetched to you, then for a person with increased sensitivity to sound vibrations is not a joke.

2. Individual work schedule:

3. In everything that does not directly concern the work, leave it alone, not only figuratively but literally. For example, do not insist on his participation in corporate parties, banquets and other team building events, if he hints at his reluctance or does not show much interest.

4. Get familiar with the concepts of “sound vector” and abstract intelligence, learn about the nature of depression and other features of the “sound type of character”. This will make it possible to understand what drives such a person, to find a suitable candidate, to increase the motivation and efficiency of the IT department employee in your enterprise.

To be continued.

According to the materials of the training system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan .

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