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Contest motivation


Motivation is a manager's tool that allows, through the stimulation of employees' selected needs, to motivate them to act towards a common goal.

Motivation through competition, through contests, due to internal competition are very powerful, but at the same time extremely dangerous tools.
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Already the most social contact is caused by competition and a peculiar excitation of vital energy [...] which increases the individual productivity of individuals.

Karl Marx
The principle of imitation: science knows that the presence of a landmark motivates people. First, they imitate, then they improve what they catch, try to surpass. It is important to help people see exactly what aspect of them should be followed by others.

The principle of benchmarking: depending on the vastness and diversity of departments of the enterprise, it is important to let know about the indicators of the most outstanding employees, and, if possible, to focus on the best employees of competitors.

The principle of competition: actually, the basis. Using competition, competition as motivation.

The principle of good faith: competition should be for the benefit of the organization, that is, people should strive to improve their own performance, and not reduce others. Such actions must be punished.

Handicap principle: if it is known that, due to a particular competition, conditions are not equal, it is necessary to equalize chances with the help of appropriate coefficients.

The principle of sportiness: all events must be accompanied by a certain spirit, attitude.

The principle of diversity: in contrast to the traditional premium system, competitions can be very different, initiated by both the bottom and top. This is important due to the fact that in the same type of contests the same people will win and the motivation of the losers will fall. Contests where you need to show different talents will allow everyone to win. If an employee is not able to express themselves in any direction, then does the company need him?

What to avoid

Unskillful attempts to introduce any obscure events can always lead to disaster. In this case, avoidThe last point will be a consequence of the previous ones. You do not need to bring this up before, it is better to abandon innovations.

Step by step procedure

The introduction of contest motivation in any structural unit can be described in the following steps.


1. Definition of responsible
As you know, cadres decide everything. If you can not find the right person, it is better not to try to use the wrong one.
Naturally, assigning this role to an existing company employee is preferable. However, the probability of finding an employee in the company with the appropriate competencies is low.
Competences and qualities required motivation specialist:
The duties of such a specialist include:
2. Introduction of performance indicators
Naturally, the scorecard is a separate complex issue. Meanwhile, for the successful use of contest motivation, it is necessary to implement at least a limited set of indicators and the information system accompanying them, which allow:Examples of indicators for the enterprise as a whole:The last two are directly related to motivation and will be discussed when calculating the economic effect.

3. Launch of the first competition events
It is necessary to vary the pace of change depending on the age and relaxedness of the team. The first contests can be in many ways similar to the already used motivation system (for example, for sales departments linked to revenues, it is logical to start with a competition for high revenues following a certain period). Then it is necessary to expand the list of indicators used, so that it is boring and the effect increased.

Economic effect

The effect of changes associated with motivation is often difficult to calculate. Here I propose to use two indicators of the company. I apologize for the formulas with pictures. I note that it is believed that the market in which the company operates is growing. Otherwise, the effect would be considered otherwise.


Examples of using

In [1] it is described how these mechanisms allowed the US steel industry to rise in the 19th century, ahead of England.

Another example is socialist competition.

Enterprise "Format" .


How much is all this applicable in IT? Full Here the main thing - the desire or the need to do this, fantasy, the choice of normal indicators. After all, you can make the share of "prizes" in the salary is small and then it will be a purely motivational event (in sales, of course, most of the income is premium).

I hope this topic seemed interesting and promising in Russian society.

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