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I believe that every freelancer at least once (and if not, is still ahead!) To act as a customer. This experience turns out to be very useful - when it is still possible to try on the skin of someone who is usually "on the other side of the barricades."
To be honest, the customer’s skin was discarded by me with an obvious easing. It hurts hard and uncomfortable.
So, what we need to find among the thousands of freelancers is our only performer.
Algorithm: We write an ad. From my own experience, I can say that a detailed, well-written task does not always save. Part of it will not read further than the second line and immediately rushes to stumble a place, some suffer from optical illusions, some have a firm certainty that if a person needed, for example, a program, then he and the site layout will be useful at the same time.
So it is better to write concisely and to the point. What, how much, when.
We make life easier for ourselves. We write the preferred method of communication. We all know the saying "Hay does not walk to a horse." it is just not yet between the performers and customers that an agreement has been reached on who will be the horse and who will be hay.
Therefore, if we don’t want to get a dozen or two of ASEK numbers and postal addresses to knock-write, we immediately stipulate how and what you want to hear from a potential performer. Summary, examples, price, religious views, attitude to the situation on the software market, knowledge of the Hindi alphabet - this should be indicated immediately.

We put the normal price. Freelancers are not fools, and for a couple of hundred rubles will not be killed. At best, the greedy customer will be ignored, at worst - they will fall down and tear down the whole flock, and the corpse will ritually be burned banned. Intermediate options - long and dreary receiving horror of varying degrees from novice freelancers. Have pity on your time.
Do not hesitate to communicate properly, and not as with a bot during registration. Freelancer, in addition to not being a fool, he is still a grateful creature. And he values ​​and remembers good attitude.

Do not pull in vain. Do not forget to say thank you. Do not throw. Will eat
The customer is harder to be. We will be indulgent to them.

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