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Overview of the main SMS-billing

Recently, many services have appeared that offer to connect payments via SMS on the site. In fact, they represent a kind of layer between the web resource, the mobile operator and the end user. Such companies take the whole technical side of the matter on themselves - the site owner only needs to install a special code on his site that will contact the billing system at every payment.

The main drawback of SMS billing is the high commission of mobile operators. For example, a user sends an SMS worth 29 rubles, and the site owner, at best, receives only 18 rubles from them. However, recently, mobile operators and billing significantly reduce their commission. For example, when working under the “Mobile Commerce” scheme, the partner’s income can reach up to 70% -80% (depending on the liquidity of the goods and services being sold). There is a suspicion that these figures will only grow, because the market is huge and so far many businessmen prefer electronic payment systems and bank payments to SMS payments, all because of insufficient profitability.
As I have already said, there are quite a few SMS billing in Russia, I counted about 15. In this article I will give a brief overview of the most popular of them and interesting in functionality.

Number of countries: 33
Income payments: once a month (there is a possibility of payments on demand: no more than once every 5 days, you can request any part of the amount allowed for withdrawal. The amount allowed for withdrawal is calculated using the formula: all funds accumulated since the beginning of the month minus the last 3 days and already made payments for this month.)
Pros: wide geographic coverage
Disadvantages: partnership deductions for many positions are a few cents less than other billing.

Number of countries: 13
Income payments: once a month
Pros: good rates, which depend on the traffic partner; easy connection to the system
Cons: not enough wide geographical coverage; some limited functionality intended for paid access to sections of the site or purchase of goods / services

MP bill
Number of countries: 24
Income payments: once a week.
Pros: good rates; convenient and smart control panel; detailed statistics; various useful things like connecting backup handlers; soap API; payments in rubles.
Cons: lack of round-the-clock support.

Russian Billing
Number of countries: 22
Income payments: once a week
Pros: good rates; discounts for regular customers: twice a year a discount is given: an additional 1% to the amount of deductions; there are payments in rubles
Disadvantages: a rather inconvenient and slow flash admin (called flash pack, you need to run it on your computer, apparently this is a kind of protection against DDoS attacks).

Number of countries: 17
Income payments: once a month (plus payments on demand)
Pros: a lot of thoughtful solutions for all occasions with a simple installation
Cons: not the most profitable partnership deductions

I hope my short review will help people who are interested in payment by SMS, at least a little to navigate in the billing.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/28508/

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