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People and creativity


This post is addressed to those young habravchanam who present their future in this approximately sequence:

Life often infringes or refutes youthful expectations.

No, you will definitely get something valuable - life is arranged in such a way that none of its participants is left without a reward - but it is not up to you what exactly will become a life prize. You shouldn’t have any illusions about how to get what you don’t mean in any way.
After a cheerful intro turn to the case.
According to my many years of observation, people in relation to their creative potential are divided into three distinct groups:
  1. not prone to creativity
  2. those who are at an intermediate stage from non-creative to creative,
  3. the creators.

Consider the creative possibilities and life prospects of representatives of these groups on the example of persons with technical education - IT people.

Type I Creativity is close to zero.

The professional way of people of the first type depends more on external circumstances than on internal predisposition.

If they are programmers, then they spend the working time at the computer, being content with communicating with their own kind and increasing their internal self-esteem with allegations that the boss is a goat (which, by the way, is completely fair, since all chiefs are goats by definition). If statements about the authorities did not reach the goat's ears, they can make a career. There are no limitations in career growth: the lack of a creative nature in the character allows you to be flexible and dodgy, which is required for bureaucratic work.

And yet, he will reach the degrees of the famous, because now they love wordless ones.
A.S. Griboedov.

Many, while possessing healthy adventurism and firmness of character, are served in businessmen. I have repeatedly observed representatives of the first type, who became businessmen. All of them were characterized by the slogan “Do as I do”: as a rule, they observed the commercial success of their acquaintance, relative friend and, on reflection, took on the same business. Exactly for the same, because to give an original idea, at least in business, people of the first type are not capable of categorically. When deciding to do business, they, like a monkey in a cage, parodied the movement of an external object, and suddenly - who would have thought? - their business went, went, went, went, went ... It turned out great in the end.

In the IT industry, a more common option, due to the obvious difficulties of copying a business, is to hire a working company as a specialist or top manager. I have never understood childish joy about working in large firms, in which you are, by definition, the sixth gear of the general mechanism and you can’t do anything, except that you will be charged with debilistic bosses. And others like it. But this is by the way.

The peculiarity of the people of the first type is the overestimation of their own creative potential, in fact, zero. They are great specialists, in administrative positions, and you throw such accusations against them! .. But how dare you? .. They have vast practical experience, they are fluent in such a programming language, they have personally mastered such and such systems , they work in such a powerful team and together with other leading figures they implement such and such (funded by outside investors) promising project. And you ... You yourself are who, actually? .. And your article does not understand what, so step on the forest, dear author!

If you honestly do not understand what I mean, then most likely belong to the first, very common type.

Although I do not detract from the merits of this group and responsibly declare that intelligence does not correlate with creativity. You can be a non-creative intellectual, or you can be a silly creator, remember the laughter of the divine Mozart from the movie Amadeus. To each his own.

Type II Creative skills are underdeveloped.

The professional career of the second type of specialists is similar to that discussed above, with the difference that these people tend to - more often at a subconscious level - the desire for creative work.

It is not enough that the work was dusty, respected and paid - I want her to be pleased. However, joy is not always achievable: how can you enjoy life when you go to an alternative place of work twenty minutes longer and your vacation is not three weeks, but only two? A week of vacation is not trivial, as you understand. And with a lower wage, it’s not up to you to decide which enterprise to choose, so the phrase “But you need to earn money?” - representatives of the second type have a favorite self-justification.

So, in constant longing for the high, life passes. People, indistinguishable from representatives of the first type, sit at their computers, do unnecessary work for anyone, like representatives of other types call commanders goats, and in their eyes unearthly longing.

When the creative breaks out, representatives of the second type indulge in thoughtless actions that non-creative personalities will never do: they do something “for the soul” in the evenings, they begin to perform professional duties “as needed”, and not according to high authority, or they are completely dismissed From the job.

I come to work on Friday, I send the boss in the ass.
A. Galich.

If people of the second type are businessmen, they can throw a small amount to the wind. However, the courage to do what is originally the soul, as well as the money for charity is always not enough, and the status quo is gradually restored.

From the hopelessness of existence, people with insufficient creative thinking sometimes crawl into a loop, which is never the case for representatives of the first type, who are calmly oriented in the surrounding economic environment and are not prone to suicide.

Type III Creator

The rarest type.

However, I lie: rare in creative activity, and with reference to other vital realities more than widespread. Take at least women who are also programmed from nature to known goals, as a result of which they cannot excel in art or science. It is foolish to demand creative inspiration where thoughts are hovering around cooking dinner or upcoming cleaning. Exceptions - cases when women become major scientists (Sofia Kovalevskaya) or writers (Margaret Mitchell) - exist, but they only confirm the general rule.

And please, do not try to disprove the feminine purpose by the example of a business woman: this breed that has spread today testifies to the one hundred percent non-creative nature of any administrative activity.

Any normal woman pulls to childbirth and household, just like a man of the third type pulls to creativity, and this force is overwhelming. Creativity is so prevalent in character that it is not possible to resist: a person is literally dragged through life, like a limp puppet, contrary to his own will and external circumstances.

People of the third type are fanatics, in the most precise and high meaning of the word.

If external circumstances are against them, creative people turn into losers, who sit for months on the development of nobody understandable and, as a result, useless concepts or program codes. If, on the part of people of the second type, they can count on a cautious understanding and even carefully concealed envy - not a social position, naturally, but the fact that a person spits on his surroundings, finding the strength to do what he likes - the representatives of the first type consider such workers frank idiots. For non-creative people, you can never understand how - simply because you are programmed for such activities, born for this, - you can do something that is frankly unprofitable for yourself.

Only in rare situations, under successful circumstances, can creative people manage to realize themselves in economic terms. People of art have a happy outcome more often due to the fact that writers, musicians, artists need a minimum investment in professional activities.

Erica takes four copies. That's all, and that's enough.
And Galich.

Scientists, especially modern ones, are harder: they, unlike the medieval predecessors, need laboratories and equipment. Since it is not possible to engage in scientific activities at our own expense, we have to work in groups in which a lot of non-creative rabble accumulates, who tries to dictate to the scientist what to do with it, etc. etc. Although separating the wheat from the chaff is as easy as it’s necessary to figure out what a person would do if not to pay him a salary (but on the condition that he does not die of hunger): the scientist will continue his studies, while the non-creative person will increase his social "Rating" by other means. Non-creative people are also often programmed, but not for scientific activities, which we are discussing now, but for something else, most often for increasing the social “rating” by making money.

In exceptional situations, people of the third type can count on posts. For example, since childhood you have been raving with astronautics and have graduated from the corresponding faculty, and here the installation of the party and the government: show America your mother in the field of space achievements. A research institute can also be made available for such a case (staffed, as is usual, by specialists of the first and second types. However, the presence of a creative leader at a scientific institution is already good: there are chances for success). But until the relevant directive has been received, stay in Kaluga and do not rock the gun.

Thus, the invention of something prophetic and advanced time is not a guarantee of relevance, rather the contrary. Failure to understand this fact leads people of the third type to despair and suicide.

In fact, everything is not so gloomy, because as a result of creative activity a person receives a different one - harmony, which is poured on him from heaven. Creative people themselves do not invent anything and do not invent, but are the vehicles of the divine plan. This can never be understood by representatives of the first type and it is extremely difficult for representatives of the second to feel.

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