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As we searched, nobody found

This article describes the errors that we made when searching for an employee and what errors the applicants made. Details inside.

We were looking for an employee for one project.
Agreed with several recruitment agencies. They explained what kind of person we needed and after a while they began to receive resumes from applicants.
Resumes are usually divided into 3 types.

1. In the case

• Project "GIS" duration 1 year
• Development of Android application for obtaining coordinates
• Transfer to Dropbox cloud storage via GPRS
• Display tags on the map through the MVC Yii + Yandex Map API
• Role: System Design and Development
• Position: Developer

2. Not in the case

• Project "GIS" duration 3 years
• Good knowledge of Android (3 years)
• Good knowledge of MVC Yii (3 years)
• Good knowledge of Yandex Map API (3 years)

3. Take me at least one thread

• Project “GIS”
• Knowledge: Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Akelos, ash.MVC, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, DIY, eZ Components, Fusebox, PHP on TRAX, PHPDevShell, PhpOpenbiz, Prado, QPHP, Seagull, Symfony, WACT, WASP, Yii, Zend, ZooP, Java, Delphi, C ++, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive

For the initial search, these all resumes look the same. All resumes have keywords that we need. But it makes sense to speak only with 1. Resume 1 type has been reported. I rejected everyone, so most resumes simply did not even pass through skills or resumes were of 3 types.

Error 1. I very quickly realized if I would not call anyone, but I would wait for the perfect resume, which would be suitable for all positions, we would simply not find anyone.
The agency told me the same: All the people whom we showed you are ideally suited for your vacancy. They just need to talk.
And the director said: Where are people supposedly? Come on come on.

Error 2. We ourselves did not understand who we need. More precisely, the understanding was that we need a person who will combine 2 posts. Or 2 people. We explained all this to the agency.

Error 3.
There was also a lack of understanding in who we needed, but in the financial side of the issue. If it’s 2 people, then yes it’s cheap, but then you have to pay the agency for 2 people. Or find one in 2 persons, but he will ask a lot. For some reason, the director decided if we urgently need a super specialist with 7 spans in his forehead. It should be cheap. But he was quickly explained this error.

Actually the vision of the work of candidates and employers differs radically.

The first ones want to do nothing and receive a lot of money on a card once a month.
The second ones want the candidates to know everything and don’t ask for money at all.

Error 4. Suppose we find a person for our position and agree on a price. But you have to pay the agency for the search. And this is not a lot of 15% of the annual salary of an employee.
Wouldn't it be easier to register for HH and look for employees

The purpose of the search is to find a person who:
• Could fill our knowledge gaps.
• Could unload current employees
• Could lead project

In fact, there was a need for a person who would take over the project and without help would be able to bring it to the end without distracting other employees with questions.

We needed a technical writer or a project manager who could write a specification for the equipment and technical task for software development. If you take a person who understands the equipment, he does not understand the development of software. If you take a technical writer, he does not know the equipment. Even with the equipment there were problems. The project assumed the use of equipment of several "brands" and if a person came, he knew or worked with only one type of equipment. That is why I rejected the resume in the first stages. Well, in principle, probably did the right thing. At the interview, such people said that we worked with only 1 “brand”, and I don’t know anything about the other, which was clear from the summary. As I said at the interview, I began to call only after I was pressured by the agency and the director.

Accordingly, the interviews were conducted according to the following scheme: The candidate was told about the project and what was wanted of him. If the candidate said, good I can, it was given the task to create his own vision of the project. 20% of candidates said that I do not have such knowledge. It was fair. The remaining 80% took the homework and then sent it to me. Then I sent it to the director.

In order to make an offer you need one of 3 things:
1. You need to make an impression on a technical specialist , he must say that this is the person we need and then the battles for the salary will begin, the leadership will convince.
2. You need to impress the whole team. From HR to director. Those. From the very beginning, it is clear to the whole team that it is you who are the person who needs the project like air. And then you just make an offer that you can not refuse.
3. It is necessary to more or less approach the position and take you out of despair. Others ask for more, others know less.

Well, actually we didn’t take anyone, because:
• I was not impressed by anyone, because their vision of the project was very weak.
• The director also seems to

Now about the errors of applicants:

1. Do not come early. We usually scheduled interviews at one o'clock in the afternoon. If the candidate came earlier, I was simply not in the workplace, there was also no one at the reception desk, and he began to walk around the classrooms asking where to go. The agency naturally did not give him a phone. How can you, if he calls the employer, the agency will lose his earnings. I have not seen him yet, and I no longer want to take a person who is negligent about the interview. Not to say that it is deadly, but still unpleasant.

2. Though the carcass, even stuffed. No skills, say that they do not exist or that they did not work. Even if by some miracle we manage to break through for a trial period and find out that you do not know that they asked you to be expelled. You will lose both your current job and the old one.

3. Salary must match your knowledge. If at the previous job you received $ 1000, you just graduated from college. Want $ 3000. Hood, we agree, but confirm your knowledge.

Here I will give an explanation. So here came a graduate who graduated from college a year ago. Participated in only one commercial project. All this can be seen from the summary. I had friends in this company. Salaries there analyst $ 1000 programmer $ 1500. He was given an assignment with glittering eyes left. I wrote my vision of the project for a week, then I sent a half of A4 sheet and started calling me and asking how I approached you. When I told him that you didn’t suit us, he was terribly angry.

Of course, someone will say for free and a lot of A4 paper. Anyway, what did you want from him? Well, firstly, at least, the understanding that people are busy and that’s why they are looking for him to take one project off their shoulders. And secondly, as a full understanding of the work that he will have to perform and as a task, he should sketch out the structure of the project, maybe not detailed (you won’t remember everything, you don’t remember everything), but at least something.

Time passed, but I could not find a person for the project.

I'll tell you how I solved this problem:
I invited to the meeting specialists from the company that installed the equipment, where they began to ask me very necessary and interesting questions about the case. And I told them all the same thing that I told the applicants. And no one applicant asked me such questions. And the company offered me to write a technical specification for $ 10,000.

If you count it is not so expensive. If I hire a person for this position for $ 3000 and he writes to me in 3 months I will spend $ 9000 + 15% of the annual budget I will give to the agency + I still have something to do with this person: pay him a salary, give him tasks, not can i kick him out

ps This is my first attempt at writing.

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