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Business is a natural stage in the career of a specialist.

<UPD> Thank you so much for the sobering comments. In general, I realized that my article is complete nonsense. I didn’t have to go into this business, lecture others, and be dishonored. If you want, you can read my article, but only with the comments - they have all the flesh. </ UPD>

In this article, the word "programmer" can be replaced by any other specialty.

I used to think that “work for an uncle” and business are completely different things. That they require completely different knowledge. That experience hired work does not help in business. That in business, you can earn a lot more money than working for hire. That hiring increases capital in an arithmetic progression, and business in a geometric one.
If you don't know what a progression is, click here.
An arithmetic progression - this means that in the first year you have (relatively speaking) 100 rubles, in the second - 200 rubles, in the third - 300 rubles, and so on.
Geometric - this is 100 rubles in the first year, 200 rubles in the second, 400 rubles in the third, 800 rubles in the fourth, that is, every year (for example) twice as much as the previous one.

I thought that the only thing needed for a business is a business acumen, cunning, and perhaps the ability to cheat. That honest business in Russia is impossible. That if a person wants to make money, he must stop working for his uncle, sitting out his pants in the office, and go into business. And it is better to do it immediately after graduation, so that time is not lost. I thought that higher education for business is not needed.
But at the same time I decided for myself that I would not be in business, because:
1. I (as I thought) have no business acumen.
2. In Russia (as I thought) honest business is impossible, but I am honest and I am not going to leave Russia.

Therefore, I was going all my life to engage in hired labor (or rather, to work as a programmer). I like the job of a programmer, but, as I thought, would never bring me as much money as a business would bring. I accepted the fact that I would be engaged in a pleasant, but not very profitable business, that is, I would not become rich.

The only type of business that (as I decided) is acceptable to me is a game on the exchange, that is, trading. As well as investing. True, all this is not entirely business, but still increases capital in a geometrical progression. For him, business acumen is not so much needed and it is quite possible to earn money honestly. Therefore, I decided that I would work as a programmer and in parallel deal with trading. At the same time, I reasoned like this: work increases money arithmetically, and trading - geometrically. So, at some point, trading will begin to bring much more money than work. And at this point the work can be quit.

But one day everything changed. A friend of mine told me that 150,000 rubles is the ceiling for a programmer in Moscow. Another said that working as a programmer in one narrow specialty all his life is stupid, you should always learn something new, broaden your horizons and at some point become a manager (from other programmers), or engage in consulting or business (again IT business).

Well, the ceiling of 150,000 did not suit me at all and it made me think. I thought and understood everything. So, business is a natural stage in the career of a specialist .

The whole business can be divided into two types:
1. A business in which the owners do not understand what their business is doing, but have only a business acumen. That is, for example, the owner of an IT company is not an IT specialist.
2. A business in which the owners understand the activities of this business. That is, they are first and foremost good specialists, and only then businessmen.

So, the first type of business is possible only if its owners are thieves. The business of the second type is what you should strive for. Do you really think that you will be able to create a business in which you do not understand anything? Of course not. You can achieve success and build a business only in the area that is your specialty. Only a programmer will be able to truly effectively manage other programmers and speak the same language with them.

So, let me now, in order, debunk the myths that I spoke about at the beginning.

Myth 1. “Work for Uncle” and business are completely different things.
Nothing like this. A person must first work on his specialty, then gradually move up the career ladder, occupy more and more senior positions and, thus, move closer and closer to business. And then, perhaps, at some point, he himself will start doing business. But not some there, but in their specialty. In short, the road from employment to business in a sense is smooth.

Myth 2. For employment and business need different knowledge.
Rave. Both there and there it is necessary one and the same: to understand well the specialty. The businessman must first understand the field of activity of his company. And knowledge in the business itself (that is, the ability to “do business”) will follow.

Myth 3. Employment experience will not help in business.
How it will help! Only with a lot of experience you can manage the same as you.

Myth 4. Employment increases capital in an arithmetic progression, and business - in the geometric.
Not. As I said above, the road from employment to business is smooth. So, you will first be employed, move up the career ladder and increase your salary exponentially. Then, at some point you will reach managerial positions. Their salary is not fixed, the manager can receive a percentage of the profits. The larger the project, the more the manager receives. Thus, the income will continue to grow exponentially. In principle, at this stage it is not necessary to open your business. You can remain a manager and get no worse than businessmen.

Myth 5. Honest business in Russia is impossible.
If you create a business in your specialty, then your profit will be big. Because you will do a significant part of the work yourself, and, relatively speaking, you will not have to pay wages to yourself. And you will not only do some work, but the most important one - management. You will manage your employees yourself and you will not have to hire someone else who would manage them for you, because you yourself will understand the activities of your company, you will have a full understanding with your employees. So, you will receive a large profit, and therefore you will not necessarily hide from taxes, etc. And it will be quite possible to build a business honestly. However, I'm not quite sure about this. :) Write me in the comments what you think about this.

Myth 6. The sooner you go into a business, the better.
Not. Sit at work, gain experience. When typed, go to the business.

Myth 7. A businessman does not need higher education.
Higher education does not need a thug businessman. Learn as much as possible, broaden your horizons. Invest in your education, all this is useful.

Myth 8. Trading is a good idea.
Trading is a good idea only in one case: if trading is your specialty. If you know trading best in life. If not, do not panic (however, I am not sure about that). Keep your specialty, it increases the capital exponentially and therefore you do not need something else. Moreover, your work (until the moment when it becomes a business) never reduces capital, that is, in some sense it does not have risks (unlike trading)! Cool, yeah? Now about investing. Yes, investing is a good idea, but only if you don’t spend your time on it and invest in reliable assets. High-risk assets are not for you if investing is not your specialty. By the way, time is the most precious thing we have. However, this is a separate issue.

Myth 9. At some point, investing and trading will bring in more money than work, and therefore work can be quit.
Not. Your specialty will always bring you more money than anything else. Throw it only in one case - when you are tired of it.

In life, you need to do what you like. This will allow you to enjoy your work. And at the same time it is in this area that you can achieve maximum success. Because you will constantly want to learn something new. Because you will want to work more. You will not want to tear off more time free from work. And you will work in full force.

Have you ever wondered why businessmen earn more traders? Why do we know a lot of successful businessmen (Bill Gates, etc.), but only one successful trader (Soros)? After all, it would seem, traders should earn more, because they invest in the business and at the same time can shift their assets back and forth. Yes, because the businessman is not sitting idly. Do you think a businessman hires employees, and then he spits at the ceiling and looks at how money is being dropped to him? No, of course, it does not happen. He himself works. He controls everything. And therefore earns a lot.

And now I will write a life plan for you :)
1. After school, go to college in the subject that you like.
2. Starting, say, from the third year, start working in parallel on a specialty (if, of course, you will be able to combine work and study). Because experience is always useful. And in all senses. Both experience and real experience.
3. After university go to graduate school, while continuing to work. Degrees are always useful, they, of course, will help you in your career. After graduate school, become a doctor, etc. Achieve the maximum possible degree for you, and then quit your scientific work. No need to remain a university teacher after they realized that they had reached the ceiling in science. Teachers receive pennies (in Russia). On the other hand, if scientific work is completely impossible for you, then it is not necessary.
4. Build a career, strive to occupy leadership positions. You will have to do this if you want money, so excuses like "I do not have organizational skills" are not accepted.
5. Become a manager.
6. If you want, open a business in your field (using your experience as a manager).

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