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Print files from a mobile device using Dropbox

Below is a method that allows you to print any documents, including letters, photos, PDF files, etc. from a mobile device on your existing printer.

All that is needed for this is a printer connected to a computer and a mobile device for sending print jobs - this can be a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android, or any smartphone with Internet access.

Wireless printing anything, anytime, anywhere.
Although mobile phones have become much smarter in the last few years, the connection between the printer and the phone is still virtually absent. For example, if you have a BlackBerry or iPhone, how will you print the presentation or spreadsheet that came in the attachment to the letter? Or, how do you print a route map from Google Maps built on an iPad?

There are probably several applications in the app store on your phone that allow you to send files to print remotely, but if you want to save a couple of bucks, you can simply use Dropbox to print documents from a mobile device on your printer without any additional software.

Some modern printers already have built-in printing technology via email , but with the help of Dropbox you can get the same functionality, but without updating the hardware.

Before we dive into the details, watch a video showing the printing process using Dropbox.

What does the workflow look like? You download a small utility to your computer, which will hang in the background and constantly monitor one folder in the Dropbox directory. You can send print files by email or use the mobile app. As soon as Dropbox downloads the file to the computer, the utility will send this file to the default printer. When the file is printed, it will move to the appropriate directory.

To make it all work on your computer, do this:

Step 1. Make sure Dropbox is installed and the printer is connected to the computer.

Step 2. There are 2 ways to send print jobs:

Step 3. Download this zip archive (see the source code ) and run the eprint.vbs script. The script in the Dropbox directory will create a subdirectory of PrintQueue, where all print jobs will be added, and another subdirectory of logs, where all completed tasks will be saved.

[*] The VBS script runs only on Windows, but there are workarounds for Mac OS X and Linux .

Step 4. Now everything is ready to print files from a mobile device. Simply send a test file to a secret email address, or download it via a mobile application, and the printer prints it immediately.

The utility can also process several files at once and should print almost all file formats for which the corresponding program is on the computer.

If you want to close the eprint utility, launch the Windows Task Manager and complete the “wscript.exe” process.

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