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Android increased the lead in the US

The company NPD Group published its data on sales of smartphones in the US in the third quarter of 2010. They are only about personal purchases, corporate are not taken into account, so you shouldn’t compare them with data of other companies - however, they can be compared with previous data of the NPD Group itself. And then it turns out the following: the share of Android compared to the previous quarter increased from 33% to 44%, the share of iOS almost did not change (was 22%, became 23%), and the share of the Blackberry OS, despite the release of BlackBerry Torch 9800, dropped from 28 % to 22%. (In Russian and bluntly, these data sound like this: even if you keep in mind that the corporate market is making adjustments, it still turns out that Android is hellishly fucking and is not going to stop yet.)

The company also reported that in July, for the first time, the share of smartphones in the United States amounted to 50% of all phones sold (this was the peak due to the release of iPhone 4, the overall result for the quarter was slightly lower - 46%, but in any case, smartphones are about to bypass phones). Four of the five best-selling models in this quarter turned out to be smartphones, and the fifth, non-smartphone, has a qwerty keyboard:

1. Apple iPhone 4 (smartphone, iOS)
2. BlackBerry Curve 8500 series (smartphone, BlackBerryOS)
3. LG Cosmos
4. Motorola Droid X (smartphone, Android)
5. HTC EVO 4G (smartphone, Android)


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107497/

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