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Did you get the letter?

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Last week, we talked about unprecedented flaws in the Legislation, which may cause an economic collapse in the Russian IT industry in 2011. In this connection, we published an open letter to the President with a request to revise the Law.

Many were skeptical of our undertaking, but since the opening of the site we have received a huge number of offers of assistance and participation in the initiative, including from large IT companies and three political parties. Now collected more than 2300 signatures. The news spread through dozens of online news publications.
And finally, the first results ...


Recently, Deputy Ilya Ponomarev introduced amendments to the Law to the State Duma, which provide for a reduction in the number of IT companies receiving benefits from 50 to 10 people. This is just the first step towards solving the problem hanging over IT, but the main thing is that the process has already been launched.

It is obvious that the open appeal of small businesses was the beginning to correct the blunders made by the legislature.

At this stage, it is necessary to increase public interest and support the initiative. And where, if not at Habré, find so many people interested in the development of information technology in Russia. Let us all together support this initiative and create a precedent when the authorities in Russia will nevertheless hear the appeal of citizens and take action.

PS Many thanks to everyone who is trying to help and is actively involved in popularizing the initiative, as well as to all those who support small business with their signature under an open letter.

1. Explanatory note by Ilya Ponomarev
2. Table of amendments

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