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iPADrom - S01E01

iPADrom from Keddr.com is a rubric dedicated to video reviews of apps for the iPad. In each issue we will try to tell about three applications in an interesting and creative way. Each time it will be ONE game, ONE program and ONE reader (magazines, book readers, own applications of sites). The heading is Kremenyuk Semen

Flipboard - news aggregator. Leads to a single, visual, "glossy" view all your media. Starting from facebook and tweeter and ending with all your favorite blogs and news sites
Cut the Rope - a game from the creators of Angry Birds. The same fun and same enticing. If the game about birds is more designed for sleight of hand, then in the game about candy on a rope, a strategy and sequence are needed
Installous - Analogue AppStore, where there are all the same applications, but already in the "cracked" form. All files must be downloaded from faylochar (enter captcha), and then installed directly on the device.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107494/

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