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12 million dollars for one form field

Expedia's hotel and flight booking service demonstrates how data analysis can help correct an error costing the company several million dollars. At the SAS conference in Las Vegas, the vice president of global analytics at Expedia Joe Megibow told how the company used SAS analytics to make just one interface change.

During the study, Expedia found out that many users who, after filling out the order form, press the “Buy” button cannot make a purchase and leave the site.

“These users correctly select the city and hotel, enter their bank card information and click on the“ Buy ”button. All actions were done correctly, but we did not receive money from the client, ”Megibow says.

After analysts reviewed and compared information about these transactions, it turned out that they have a lot in common. The fact is that after the "Name" field in our form went the "Company" field, and some users entered the name of their bank here.
Further, in the “Address” field, they continued to enter not their own, but bank parameters. Of course, when authorization occurred, the bank prohibited the transaction, since the entered address did not match the client's address.

All that was needed was to remove the “Company” field, as a result we received 12 million dollars in profits from transactions that were previously canceled by the bank.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107493/

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