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Free landline phone for senior citizens

My mother, a pensioner, pays 300 rubles a month for a home phone. If she wants to call her relatives in Vladivostok, she must pay 7 rubles. per minute at the tariffs of our wonderful company Svyazinvest. Those. a conversation for 20 minutes, which is quite a short conversation for people of retirement age, will cost her another 140 rubles. It is rather expensive, and therefore all conversations are made in the form of a telegram. What to do?

I propose a solution to the issue of telephone installation for the low-income and low-income population. It lies in a matchbox-sized device. Inside this device is a chipset. The device is connected with one connector to the USB port of the computer, so it gets to the Internet. In the near future, the device will connect directly to the Internet. On the other side of this “matchbox” you connect a regular landline phone that is on your desk. It will take a few minutes to quickly set up the program on the computer and select a phone number from the list provided. And a mustache, as they say in Odessa. You have a telephone line with a separate telephone number to which you can be called, and you can pick up the phone on your telephone and answer the call. You can dial and call yourself. You can also call using the program on your computer. All the fun costs about 40 American rubles a year! My mother pays 120 American rubles a year, I pay about $ 500 for the stationary line in the Americas, and here only $ 40. in year! Fantasy!!! The only nuance in this whole story is that you are offered a list of numbers from the USA or Canada. These numbers provide absolutely free calls throughout America and Canada, and international call rates are very cheap.

Imagine the picture that tomorrow we have all 40 million pensioners in Russia switched to the use of such telephone numbers, they don’t care what dial numbers with their fingers. And then woman Masha from Ryazan with woman Nura from Murmansk can talk for hours, for days, for months. without paying a single ruble for talking. This is called Goodbye, a favorite of Svyazinvest. I draw the attention of the oligarchs who want to move social projects. What is not a pensioner telephones project for you? It is practically possible to implement it within 3 months, since everything is already there, only Comrade Sukhov has to agree with the customs. This is a concrete, real deal. They will spend on it about 900 million dollars. The figure is quite feasible for the guys. And to the old women all the other catch up. We care about +7 or +1 dial, it would be cheaper for us. And from the active electorate is also an option. Political parties get a completely loyal segment of the population.
And about the use in the business of this device, I will not write, and so everything is clear. For example, we offer a service for creating an online consultant on the website www.RusTalk.net . If you connect our service and a landline phone connected to a computer through a “matchbox”, here you have a ready-made office outlet. And geographically, it can be located in any place where the least overhead costs.

All matchbox collectors, please contact us!
Citizens, use progress to reduce your expense in life and business!
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