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Case "Designing a web service for booking tickets." Business analysis. Context and stakeholders

I. Business Context

The starting point for the implementation of business analysis is the context - the presentation of the needs, problems and ideas of stakeholders in a free and understandable form, so that even an ignorant person can understand what is being said. In short, this is a description of the current situation, which is formed on the basis of interviews with stakeholders and on the basis of general information about what is happening.

Publishing house "Afisha" was founded in April 1999 and today is the owner of several leading entertainment magazines and sites. The company publishes the Afisha magazine, which is published in three versions - for Moscow, St. Petersburg and 20 other cities of Russia. The audience of one issue of the magazine is about 1 million people. Website "Posters" monthly visit about 3.2 million people.

In order to expand the site’s functionality, develop the portal and prepare for the sale of tickets for film screenings, it was decided to consider the possibility of launching a ticket reservation service that would work as follows: Bill -line booking tickets for film shows of the network. In turn, the N company places advertisements on the territory of its cinemas containing a link to the website afisha.ru. Ads can be placed in any form: on posters, on tickets, in the form of a logo on any informational materials.

Ii. Stakeholders (agents) and their interests

The next step is to describe the profiles of stakeholders - who are somehow involved in what is happening, which benefits or inconveniences from the introduction of a new system (optimization of business processes, the use of production technology, etc.). Describing the profiles of interested parties can be different: you can create a simple text description for each, prepare a list of features for each agent, or structure the description using a table. The latter method is depicted below, it is convenient in that it allows you to clearly divide the information about the agents into the following components:
So, to the interested parties of the web service, at least:
  1. Cinema networks - are represented by large cinema chains (from 3 cinemas in the network).
  2. LLC Company Afisha.
  3. Moviegoers - the modern audience of cinemas (20-40 years).
Let us now consider in more detail their interests:
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