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Last night I updated my online player molpa, about which I once wrote a small review with plans for the future, during which time I received a couple of feedbacks from users, which I undoubtedly considered.

And so, what is added:


Now you can store a list of albums you like, the list is stored in the Vkontakte repository, instead of how your cookies were supposed to be, so that it will not disappear anywhere, since it is not tied to a specific browser or computer.

Miracle Cube

Miracle Cube is on the main page of the site and helps you find something to listen to, even if you do not know what to look for.

Control from the keyboard and remote

Now you can turn on / off (space) music playback and navigate through the playlist (left / right) using the keyboard, this is done in order to be able to use the remote, which is simply indispensable during a feast :)

Integration with Vkontakte

You can send any song that you like to yourself in audio recordings, initially sending the track to the wall was also planned, but I did not find this function in the VKontakte API.

Read URLs

Now each artist and each album has its own hash URL, so you can send this link to a friend, as well as use the forward / back buttons in the browser.

In addition, small updates were made in the design, some technical points were optimized.

About technical implementation

The project is based on VK API + last.fm + musicbrainz + yahoo pipes. And it represents a single static page with a mountain of js-code. It pleases the fact that the load on the server is absolutely no.

During development, I realized what a JS is a flexible, convenient and wonderful language and I plan to improve my skills regarding it in order to make the code of my projects even better.

I hope you will like my mashup very much waiting for your feedback in order to make the service even more convenient and better.

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