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Man vs poker robot

This has already happened in chess and backgammon - computers turned out to be stronger than people. And so, our brothers “iron” got a repeated chance to do it in poker. The developers of robots from the University of Alberst put 50 thousand dollars on the fact that the poker computer program, “Polaris”, will be able to outplay the poker professionals Phil Laak and Ali Eslami. The fight will consist of 2 thousand hands and will be held in the format of Texas Hol'dem'a.

Poker is a more complex and tricky game, so many people believe that it is beyond the reach of “cold machines”. But researchers from Alberta have a completely different opinion about this - they take seriously the duel between humans and artificial intelligence playing poker.

The “Human Race” in this fight, which will be held in Vancouver on July 23 and 24 during the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference, will be represented by famous people in the poker world - Phil Laak and Ali Eslami.
Each match will consist of four sessions, which, in turn, will consist of 500 hands. The experiment will be conducted precisely in order to show people that poker is a game not of random wins, but of subtle mathematical errors and skills. At the end of each session, the total “human” bankroll will be compared to the computer one, thereby judges can determine the winner.

“Polaris”, in fact, is the union of several poker computer programs with different capabilities. This poker robot can be aggressive and not take into account the style of play of its opponents, it can, on the contrary, study the game of its rivals and look for the weaknesses of the player. But, most importantly, this program can control the most important poker aspect - bluff.

“There is a certain mathematical limit to which you can bluff. The computer can count it. And people bluff too often, and we have every opportunity to punish them for it, ”said Jonathan Schaeffer, a professor at the University of Alberta.

Recall that the experiment will not be carried out for the first time - in 2005, Phil Laak had already replayed the best poker robot at that time in a heads-up battle at the WSOP 2005.

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