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The problem of flying saucers in the middle lane ...

The experiment with the launch of a helium balloon with a camera and a gps-beacon showed that there are pretty good chances to find the package safe and sound. In turn, this led me to the idea of ​​creating a new kind of “active games”.

The essence of the game is this: ten to twenty people are thrown off for $ 100. Money is thrust into the container, the container is attached to the helium balloon along with the GPS beacon. The ball is released into the wind, and ... Single players or entire teams rush after the ball using any type of transport.

Technical support for the game is provided by the organizer (possibly with team representatives), who are responsible for ensuring that the current ball coordinate is always available online. The organizer also takes a certain% for technical support (gas, depreciation of equipment, insurance).

I believe many people will be happy to learn about the beauty of wildlife, fields and forests (as well as rivers and swamps) of our country.
Putting the key from the locker in the container with a note where the money is located will help reduce the risks. Yes, it turns out something like the movie "Rat Race".

Here is an idea. What do you think?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107474/

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