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Qiwi configs or confidence

Recently I noticed a terminal in the store with an IE error I got about an error on the page and asked whether I should continue or not, I became interested and decided to poke. I stumbled on an ancient bug holding a finger on the screen and a drop-down menu, looked at the configuration of the computer (2.6 celler with 256m of memory, and a checkpoint printer connected via COM (oO) port and the fact that the local html page is flashing with a flash through a special osmp launcher), but it’s not by this.

I found a folder at C: \ osmp, and in it (I don’t remember specifically the directory structure) a folder with an approximate name config, and there is already a handful of xml files, with approximate names comission.xml, operators.xml, and so on, where lists the codes of operators and their names, and, accordingly, in another file the percentage of commission.

Those. It turns out that you can set the percentage of the commission yourself and do a lot of interesting things? Either this is just an old version of OSMP client, or it’s really more convenient, or not everything is built on these configs.
I understand that the context menu bug should worry the terminal owner, and the structure of configs and internal subtleties of work is not the end user, but still? How many interesting things can make a person with malicious intent)

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