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I wanted to publish a topic-link, but since the loser parser does not accept links with anchors, you have to make it a regular topic, well, and write a couple of words.

So, today we will talk about our smaller brothers. It is difficult to find out what guided the guys from Google when they did it, but fact is fact. The Android API has a function to check if the user is a monkey - isUserAMonkey . It works just to disgrace. If you take the phone and “pokartit” it properly, and then request the status of this function, then it returns true.

One friend even wrote an application for Android to test this function. At the same time using there another important function already from the Log module: the wtf function is designed precisely for what you thought — a message about the occurrence of an event that should not have happened at all.
One thing I made for myself. If they ask me what WTF means - thanks to Google there is an answer: What a Terrible Failure!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107461/

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