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Work with Postgresql: setting, scaling. Enhanced edition

Hello to all the community.

Time does not stand still. After the publication of my reference book on Postgresql, a lot has changed, or rather added to this excellent DBMS. After the release of PostgreSQL version 9, I realized that I would need to add information about the innovations for this version. Moreover, version 9 is marked by replication out of the box.

A couple of chapters were added to the book, small changes were made to existing ones.

Book Page - http://postgresql.leopard.in.ua
Sources - http://github.com/le0pard/postgresql_book
HTML format - http://github.com/le0pard/postgresql_book/raw/master/formats/html/html.zip
EPUB format - http://github.com/le0pard/postgresql_book/raw/master/formats/postgresql-book.epub (there are some difficulties with this format, not all books display the book correctly. I will fix it)
Thanks to everyone who helps and edits the book. You can write about wishes and inaccuracies in books here . Well, those who are actively working with github can also offer patches to the book :)

Enjoy using!

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