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Hello! This post is a translation of the first in the cycle of posts by Steve Todd from his blog Innovate With Influence: Global High-Tech . We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks for attention.

(Intraprener is a person working for a company who, in his spare time, is engaged in the creation and / or promotion of an innovation, improvement of a specific company product, or a new product of the same company. - comment of translator)

When it comes to high-tech careers, many of us dream of creating the next “big deal”.

It doesn't matter if you are a researcher, developer, manager, seller, marketer, or installer. Any high-tech career brings you technological progress at a breakneck pace.
Have you ever had a great idea? Are you sure your inventions will be profitable? Do you want to lead a team that provides consumers with technology that changes the rules of the game?

If so, I have unique advice for you. It doesn't matter if you are a graduate yesterday or an industry veteran. My advice is to join a large, international high-tech company.

Such advice goes against conventional thinking. Common sense dictates that dreamers embody their inventions on their own in small startups. Maybe it is so. But do not underestimate the possibility of intrapreneur in a large company.

Intraprener, more simply, promotes ideas within a large corporation. You may have many questions and problems concerning this career path, including the following:

These are important questions. Fortunately, I have the answers. I am living proof that a person working “on the front line” of a large company can invent and promote. I have done this many times.

There are 3 main factors that allow intrapreneur to increase influence. Here they are:

  1. Productivity: corporations trust those people who know how to present a product.
  2. Initiative: people who bring things to the end deserve freedom of action during work.
  3. Collaboration: Inventors rely on the help of other people in promoting their ideas.

Intrapreneur = Productivity + Initiative + Collaboration.

Still thinking that becoming an entrepreneur is the best career choice? You can miss the best part of intraprenership: a chance to work as part of a global team. Startups are geographically limited, but any big company that deserves respect must produce something meaningful in order to survive.

In this blog, I will look at trading techniques related to global, high-tech innovations. Welcome! I hope you learn how to create innovations that have weight.

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Translation - Sergey Moryahin <moryahin@gmail.com>

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107457/

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