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What is the candidate - so is the site. A quick analysis of the sites of presidential candidates RB

Lately, the webnet has been actively discussing the topic of the upcoming elections: from the next treshnyak from the Belarusian Republican Youth Union to the already emerging Boyans from candidates . But what is interesting. I, who was quite actively interested in political news, was surprised to find that I don’t know many of the candidates (even those who have already submitted more than 100 thousand signatures). I think I'm not the only one.

And at leisure I decided to get acquainted with the "magnificent 11th", after reviewing and analyzing a little of their sites. I am not a sociologist, not a polytechnologist. I was wondering what technical solutions the teams of candidates apply and how they communicate with potential voters. I’ll say right away that the AHL website didn’t analyze, because he is sad and known to all. I propose to plunge into the world of WordPress templates and elegant samopis from presidential candidates.

I divided candidates into 3 groups:
1) those who have a personal website
2) those who have spared money, effort and time to create the site and refer to the website of the campaign or party
3) those who do not have a website

Group 1
Vladimir Neklyaev


There is even a flash game!

UPD Thank you claustrofob for the tip that the site on Joomla !.

A serious approach to the site of a serious candidate. Nothing extra, no water. Minimalist. I was pleased with the professionally designed “Feedback” section, but for some reason the link to this winning item is located at the very bottom of the main page. The developers approached almost every element of the site creatively - this is the program and the life course of the candidate. And rightly so - after all, the political site should be like a sign in the window (well, almost).

News is well updated: 4-5 per day, less often on weekends. It is not clear, however, what the inscription “Look, listen and read” leads to. I did not find anything that you can listen to on the site. Irritation is the absence of a comma in the slogan "I have come for you to win."

Nyaklyaeu also has a campaign website, but I'm not interested in it. All information about the candidate received from a personal site.

Ales Mikhalevich


The site meets the English version, which will please the "target audience" of the candidate. Nice colors, there is AJAX (although not always in place). Flash tag cloud is outdated and no longer in vogue. I am glad to have the opportunity to click on the checkbox “Against” and leave your opinion. The site is powered by Joomla! 1.5, but it is clear that the design theme was at least seriously reworked and this is not a standard template. It is not clear why there are Odnoklassniki in the list of social services, probably there is someone else there). But it's nice that you can look at the activity in the social services of the candidate, as well as read the latest mentions of him on Twitter (just set the block so low?).

It is a bit surprising where the designer looked, cutting the candidate’s head with the top line of the Minsk panorama exactly along the mouth, and why Mikhalevich has his hands in his pockets. Above, by the way, prudently left a place for a banner.

Liked like a human being, but not bravely made bradkrabs. But here the radio points that I want to click on are just static pictures.

Plus Jumla for the download function in pdf, print and send every news to the soap. Great that you can "like" every material. There is a tab with headquarters (one can finally see who is working with the candidate), but the lists of the initiative group are absolutely non-usable. They are more likely for Yarmoshyna than for the user.

Vitaly Rymashevsky


Platform - Wordpress. Problems with the layout of the template (drop-down menu falls under the video on the main page). It seems that the site header lives separately from the content, although the content part looks very nice, the text is easy to read, the eye does not strain. But from everywhere, there are template WordPress elements.

For a long time to be on the site - its psyche is more expensive. First, whether the candidate is not photographed, or the designer is lazy, but the pictures in the teaser are terrible in quality. The craftsman who posted the video for the main one does not yield to “mastery”. Interestingly, did it really bother any of the site admins?
There remains a strong feeling that the website was done by SEOs: Vital Rymashevsky through the word.

In order not to spread rot at all, I’ll put a “Calendar of events” into pluses (I didn’t find other candidates on the websites).

By the way, Rymashevsky clearly has his own Russian language, or he basically calls Russia Rasia ( http://rymasheuski.org/ru/dapamoga/ ).

Group 2

Andrei Sannikov

website “European Belarus” http://europeanbelarus.org/ (well, not the same Charter to analyze :)

The platform could not be determined. Old school, but discreet and concise design. EU flags are approaching the viewer from all corners of the site - an unobtrusive hint at the main leitmotif of the candidate's program. Odin word - boring.

Jaroslav Romanchuk

GPO website http://www.ucpb.org/

The slowest site among candidates (may not sustain traffic). Like Mikhalevich's website, the UCP site uses the Joomla! Platform. 1.5. A huge number of uncompressed JS and CSS files - not for dial-up. A standard template is used, so it is difficult to judge design - all the same, it was made far from Belarusians. In general, to analyze the site is stupid - after all, this is not the site of the candidate Romanchuk, but the UCP party, which has been actively working on the Web for a long time (archives already for 2001). Very informative and well structured. At the head of the site, a screen with a video will be amusing, where, against the background of Romanchuk, some people steal something).

Grigory Kostusev

BNF party website http://narodny.org/

I did not understand who Kostusev was, because from the site looks to me the party leader Yanukevich. Such a site could be created in the early 90s. Apparently, the party returned to those times. By the way, they also had a good site. Where did he go? And again the question: who is Kostusev?

Nikolai Statkevich

the site of the BSDP “Narodnaya Gramada” http://www.bsdpng.org/

As the copyright below states - © 2005-2006. From a technical point the site stopped in time, the news is updated. But, as in the situation with Kostusev, about who Statkevich is, the site does not broadcast.

So Satkevich and Kostusev can be safely referred to Group 3.

Group 3
Victor Tereshchenko,
Dmitry Uss,
Vladimir Provalsky

These comrades, apparently, decided that doing sites - too much. Therefore, I personally am not going to look for something about them in the media.

The conclusions, I think, are obvious. But I propose to discuss in the comments sites. Maybe I misunderstood or missed some trash or, on the contrary, an excellent move.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107453/

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