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Tale of how Nepal treasure were looking for

It was the usual gray morning, the beginning of the working week, all of a sudden, the team chat shook our birthday man Janis, he's jamez:

On 11/1/10, at 12:27 PM, Yanchik M. wrote:
> hey people, there is a topic: http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/DIY/107313/

The distance is small, vskidku, 200 kilometers in one direction. This idea caused a great interest on the part of the participants in the conversation. And immediately 3 more people appeared, ready for adventure: justass , Lifz and popcha , who made up the company jamez ', later JohnieWalker, who was putting us together, pulled himself.

Collection was appointed at 20:00 (local time, GMT + 2). We consulted with the guys who were involved in the launch of the probe. We studied the terrain, judging by the map, it was a small forest lake not far from the road. I was a little saddened by the fact that some of the locals had already been there during the day and found nothing. On the other hand, it increased our chances of success.

We prepared thoroughly for the trip, taking not only the most necessary, but many other things that we did not need, the full inventory looked like this:

Charges began at 20:00 and ended at 21:30, after which they set off. While setting up everything you need on a computer, they turned in the wrong direction at several intersections, lost 15 minutes on it. We made several forced stops — refueled, smoked, and studied a map of unfamiliar terrain before entering Lithuania, as there was no Internet on the other side of the border. The movement of our crew could be monitored in real time, and the route of our journey was as follows:

Having entered the territory of a neighboring state, we were pleasantly surprised, quite good roads (at least better than they were during our journey through Latvia), reflectors on both sides of the road throughout the journey. And a beautiful view of the luminous cemetery, in Lithuania, celebrated All Saints Day.

Arriving at the place left the car at the track on a special parking lot. I changed clothes, took everything I needed and went straight to the goal. Climbing up the hill, we saw a plowed field, tried to pass it by. Immediately beyond the field was that notorious forest, in which, judging by the GPS data, there was the desired subject.

Further our way ran through small areas of land among the forest lake. There was just over 10 meters to the goal. Far off noticed a parachute. It was possible to get to it only by water. The depth was somewhere knee-deep, sometimes even to the waist. Two of the most brave (in fact, only they had a complete set of change of clothes) went to the probe. The probe was unharmed. The error of the coordinates was no more than 5 meters. Lucky for the probe, he caught a branch with a parachute, so he would have fallen directly into the water, which would have made the search more difficult.

Wet but contentedly returned to the car, changed clothes, fortified themselves, packed all the inventory, took a photo with a probe in their hands, as a souvenir, and began opening the object. Inside, we found: the clock, with the time set on October 30 at 10:00, we suspect that it was the launch time, the old model of the mobile phone, the turned off Canon camera and the GPS device that worked and flashed in green, obviously still worked. Inserted a memory card from the camera found in ours to safely transfer photos. I took a few photos of the camera, perhaps because the voltage in the batteries dropped into the upper atmosphere and it turned off (the battery in it was not completely discharged when the camera was detected).

Tired but satisfied, we went home to Riga, arrived quickly, the road took just over two hours. Houses were already after 5 in the morning. Now sleepy we sit at work and write this report.

Archive of photos from the probe
Do not fall me in Nepal

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