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The promotion “100,000 clicks for the top 100 freelancers” is over and it's time to announce the result.

Over the course of two months, TipMeet helped specialists in a variety of fields provide online services, and we are pleased to announce that most of them practice this method today. To date, more than 300 paid calls to the participants of the action. Each of the announced winners is advertised by us through the Yandex.Direct service and beyond.
In addition, we received a lot of feedback from users. Someone talks about how convenient it is to receive calls from your website to your mobile phone, in fact, without even thinking about a special time planning for one-time consultations. Other people talk about the need to add a free line to the directory - we are happy to announce that such an opportunity will soon appear.

For all those who have not yet had time to appreciate the delights of receiving and providing advice online, we suggest you immediately register and start earning.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107441/

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