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220V-110V converter transformer

Greetings to all users and readers of Habr.

Surely many of you have ordered any electronics on eBay from the USA. They send devices that are made specifically for their market. But bad luck - the sockets they do not like us. Moreover, they have another stress. We have 220 volts in the network, and they have 110.

I recently got a iRobot Roomba 560 vacuum cleaner from the states. And, as I discovered after opening the package, its power supply was designed for 110 volts and had a plug under this outlet:

I had two solutions to this problem:
1. Buy a power supply for 220V.
2. Get a transformer.

The cheapest power supply for Roomba, which I found, costs 2000 rubles + 500 rubles delivery.

The first option I somehow did not like, because buying Roomba on eBay I wanted to save. And a waste of two and a half thousand rubles was not in my plans.

In general, after a long search, this device was found:

This miracle is called " Robiton 3P045U ". This device fit me perfectly. The 3P045U is designed for appliances that consume up to 45 watts, while the Roomba consumes 33 watts.

Robiton 3P045U cost me 500 rubles: 300 rubles the transformer itself + 200 delivery. Savings on the face. Moreover, what could I do with the power supply that came in the kit?

A list of all models can be found here . They differ in maximum output power.

I hope someone this post will relieve headaches after opening the purchase.

UPD: removed the link to the list of stores.
UPD2: If someone gives links to similar transformers, you could make a comparison or list them here. I, unfortunately, did not find.
UPD3: For Roomba 560 you need to take a more powerful transformer. My 45W burned out. Today I will exchange it for a more powerful one with a surcharge (150W). The reason seems to be that the peak load is greater than 33W indicated on the power supply.

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