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GTD on Android

Habr has a lot of information about GTD in general, and about the actual use of this technique in life, but almost (almost completely) there is no information about the tools that help “to Get Things Done”. I decided to correct the situation a little.
As a basis, I took the GTD according to Vasily Kisly, as the least boring in my opinion presentation of the methodology. This is just a description of how I use the system. You can think of it as nonsense, you can learn something useful for yourself, but for someone it will be just new.



For work we need only one program - Astrid Tasks. It is free, it is free as you can download from the site, and in the Android Market.
So, Astrid is installed. We launch, accept the terms of the license agreement and ... see the “Active Tasks” screen, which says “No tasks!”. It would be great if everything was in fact the case.

Input buffer

By Sour, any task, information, thought — everything must be written into a buffer called *** IN . I think it can be called both INBOX and asterisks here solely for sorting in lists, but I decided not to deviate from what is written.
So, we thought that you need to read the article Basil Sour. Let's create the task “Read the Sour article about GTD”. To do this, in the Astrid in the field below we write "Read the article Sour about GTD." Then press the button "Notebook with pen" to the right of the field. A task editing window appeared with the tabs “General”, “Advanced” and “Extensions”. The last two are of little interest to us, we concentrate on the first. Here we can set the importance of the task, the end date, tags and notes. Now we are interested in tags. In the “Label Name” field we write “*** IN” and press the save diskette button below.
Now in our list of active tasks our task appeared with the *** IN label.

But each time to write the name of the category or choose it from the list - laziness. Therefore, we click on the green arrow to the left of the label “Active tasks” and get to the main screen of Astrid, where we find at the bottom of our label. Click on it and hold until the menu appears. Select the item "Create a shortcut on the desktop ...", set the name of the shortcut and click OK. Now on the desktop we have a shortcut to our "buffer".

It's time to check how it works. Before we read the Sour article, we need to download it. Create a task for yourself, only now through the desktop shortcut. Click on our label and immediately get into the list of "Tagged '*** IN'". In the field below, we write "Download Sour Article" and click the plus sign on the left. Oh, miracle! The task was added quickly, easily and “marked” with the necessary mark. Magically.


And here we are sitting all such obGeDezhennye, satisfied and remember that we have not paid for the Internet. Open our *** IN buffer and write “Pay for Internet” there. But by laziness. We remember that next to the location of our wife / girlfriend / mothers / sisters / dogs there is a payment terminal through which she can pay for the Internet. This is called an assignment and should be reflected in the * CONTROL category. Click on our task “Pay for the Internet” and on the “Edit” button that appears. Scroll the page down to the labels and enter another label - "* CONTROL". We save, we look: there was one more shortcut for the task.
It would be great at first glance to see who we are assigned to which task. To do this, we go into our task again and write the word “Wife” in the “Notes” field. Who entrusted the dog, he can write the word "Dog" (but not vice versa, I warned). Now, when choosing our task in the list, we will immediately see a note and understand that the wife (or dog) must pay for the Internet.

If you want to see a note without having to select a task, then go to the settings and turn on the "Show notes in the task" checkbox. Personally, this is not very convenient for me.
Now this task can be removed from the input buffer *** IN. It is easy to guess that you need to go into the puzzle and remove the *** IN tag from the task by clicking on the cross to the right of it.
It will also be convenient to have a shortcut to the tasks “on control” on the desktop. It is created in the same way as for the *** IN category.


When we called my wife and asked her to pay for access to the network, she said she wanted to cook a turkey for dinner, and it would be good if I stopped by on the way home and bought this turkey. Laziness, of course, but I want to eat. We write in *** IN "Buy a turkey." According to Sour, this task should be placed in the category ** DAY . Go to the task, delete the *** IN label, append the ** DAY label and save. Also, make a shortcut on your desktop.

Then not now

When I came to the store for a turkey, I walked past the windows with laptops and decided that my old one was already, and I want to replace it. I am writing in *** IN - “Pick up a laptop”.
In the evening I decided to make out *** IN. I looked - it would be necessary to pick up a laptop, but somehow I don’t have much time for it. I'll push it in * LATER - a category for tasks that I will complete as soon as the opportunity arises. And just put a shortcut on the desktop.

Bye all


As a result, I have access to all procedural categories right from the desktop of my HTC Hero. Tasks are entered very quickly. The regulations are also reported to me by Astrid, who only needs to create appropriate tasks with reminders.
These categories are enough for me. I do not use contextual categories yet. basically all tasks are performed in the office. But these categories get started up just like everyone else, and they mark tasks in addition to our procedural categories.
All comments / additions are welcome in the comments.

UPD: And by assigning dates and installing Agenda Widget, you can have all the tasks before your eyes, including those that are distributed by deadlines.
UPD2: The current version of Astrid can synchronize with the Producteev.com service, where you can register a free account and get bonuses in the form of setting up tasks on ICQ / GTalk and reminders to the same place. Also in the beta stage, Astrid is synchronized with the Google Task.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107437/

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