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Reflection. My company is 5 years old?

Even in the title, the hand did not rise to write a declarative sentence. If anyone is interested in the stream of consciousness of the owner of an IT company, exactly 5 years old - under cat.

Almost every day I wake up with surprise. It is hard to explain. There is no doubt about it, fear or something that interferes with life. “Damn, am I really the CEO!” Just a surprise. I go out into the yard and understand that my car is the most expensive of all those in front of the house (the yard is, of course, the most common). Not always, of course, but often. And again this strange feeling of surprise and even embarrassment. By this time, I’m usually already made about five calls, most of which leave the feeling of "what they think they can do, can't solve a simple problem ?!" And again, surprise - "that I am better or something?".
I often make presentations or master classes. And each time a large number of people after the performance runs up with eyes glowing with happiness and thanks. "I did not say anything special? .. Why so?".

And when suddenly a free moment for reflection is issued, I clearly realize that everything can collapse like a house of cards. At any moment something can happen that will bring me back five years ago. But the fear is gone. He was. He was very long with me. Everyday. Every day since the beginning of e-Legion, I did something in spite of fear. But I'm used to it and now I'm not afraid. The last phrase somehow sounds silly, as if I am talking to myself or even whispering, but it reflects reality. I clearly understand that I am not alone. And this is a stimulating responsibility, forcing you to sit at night in the office. And this is a powerful weapon against fear. There, “in the rear,” forty people program, test, evaluate, communicate with clients on Skype, draw funny pictures, or even just beat the tambourine. And in my terrible thoughts called “what if a war”, I am sure that all of them will stand up and help and protect against the enemy. And we will win together. It all sounds so pretentious only because I imagine this in my thoughts, and there (in thoughts), at least for me, is increasingly hyperbolic, more terrible, stronger.

And precisely because of this mental connection, because of this image of the soldier-liberator, familiar to all Soviet children, it is very painful when they have to part. And especially painful when betrayed. I often give advice on what to do when I need to be fired, but perhaps I should admit, I never learned to do this. On an emotional level, I do it wrong from a business point of view. This should do hr you say, and you will be right somewhere. Nothing personal just business. And you will be right again.
But you know what, I still do not want to change something. While I still "keep a punch." After all, what, actually bad in the personal attitude to business?
And I want to finish on pride. Sometimes there are such joyful moments when, for example, you come to the office on the company's birthday, and there is a holiday. Present. People decorate the office, smile, some even nervous, so that all that prepared - turned out. And through all the same mental connection you feel involved in something more than you yourself.

I - 30. You - 5. Thank you e-Legion, for the fact that you are. Happy Birthday!

ps And for the company's birthday, the staff wrote applications for Android and iPhone and windows 7 mobile, with which you can make such fun collages from photos of legionaries. AppStore will appear immediately after apruva.

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