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Opera 11 (Build 1045) on November 2

New build Opera 11, fixes for extensions, reducing distribution size (6.7mb), fixes for the * .nix branch

Hi, we are working hard on the extensions and extensions of their functionality, as well as on their stability. This build contains the result of our weekly work on them, also contains a small surprise for Unite, fixes for the new installer under Win and also a nice fix set share * .unix.

Now, Unite applications are not included in the installer package, they will be downloaded when you first start. This helped to significantly reduce the size of the distribution.
Also included is a new feature that includes auto-update of extensions and Unite applications. These functions may not work until the end as we are working on the server part.

Attention developers extensions! Here is what you were definitely waiting for. Now there is no need to pack extensions to run them, just drag your config.xml onto the Opera window.


Known issues







Linux / FreeBSD

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107431/

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