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Google Analytics is out of beta with new features.

Google Analytics' web statistics system has officially gone out of beta, and also has acquired several new features. This is a second version of Google Analytics, submitted a month ago.

Hourly statistics in reports returned to the site
There are clickable URLs for the external links mentioned in the reports.
Crossover of different segments by Network Locations
Increased maximum number of lines per page from 100 to 500
Red and green in the indication of the number of "random visitors" (bounce rate) swapped: growth made red because it is a negative indicator
Better Adwords Integration

In addition to all of the above, added traffic detection from search engines aol.fr, club-internet.fr, voila.fr and mama.com.

Most of these features were added thanks to feedback from users after the previous big upgrade a month ago. Then a new version of Google Analytics was introduced for the first time. It is still working in parallel with the old interface, but on July 18, 2007, this duality will disappear - the old interface will be closed.
via Google Analytics Blog

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