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AVANGARD, AK-BARS and BANK24.ru - instantly and without commission!

image Most recently, we announced new ways to replenish the Wallet from bank accounts and cards. It was presented to the replenishment of any card of any bank at VTB24 ATMs, replenishment through Alfa-Click Internet banking and payments by Raiffeisenbank card. All online and without commission. Today, three more banks have been added to the above methods.

Next, a small instructions to the process of replenishment.


1. Log in to AVANGARD Internet Bank , select the Payments section:

2. In the “Payments” section, you need to select the payee “QIWI Wallet”, enter the wallet number and click continue.

3. Next you need to choose your account and card to make the payment.


Internet bank:
Log in AK BARS Online using your access details.
- Select “Pay for services” in the main menu of the system and go to the service “QIWI Wallet (Mobile Wallet)”.
Select a card to debit funds, enter the phone number, the amount of the deposit.

SMS Bank:
Replenishment via SMS-Bank.
The limit is 2000 rubles per day. But the efficiency of this method still makes it useful.
The average payment through QIWI Wallet is about 1000. So the sum of 2000 is in most cases enough to make an urgent payment. The cost of sending an SMS request: at the tariffs of the cellular operator. On average, 2.72 rubles, including VAT.
To replenish QIWI Wallet via sms-bank:
To replenish QIWI Wallet you need to send an SMS:
# 9 # 1234 qk 9876543210 567.89 RUR
to short number 3299.
1234 - the last 4 digits of the number of your plastic card to which the service is connected,
qk is the name of the service
9876543210 is a telephone number.

At your service 723 ATMs. You can find them on the website of AK BARS Bank : in the upper left corner you choose your city, 2 links appear: Offices and ATMs. You can see the list of addresses, and you can see the location of objects on the map.

A significant part of ATMs is in Kazan, where, as you have repeatedly told us, there is a noticeable lack of QIWI terminals.


Thanks to megahertz for the screenshot! Everything is already working : instantly and without commission:

We hope not to stop there.


UPD . While this post was being prepared and discussion of the news was going on, another opportunity was added. Now QIWI Wallet can be replenished with cards and cash in the terminals of instant payment of the North-West Bank of Sberbank of Russia . This bank includes:
Terminal addresses can be downloaded here .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107429/

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