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At the NWFD Convention 2010, an interesting and completely new development of the company Souvenir Technologies was presented. Business with a big exhaust

At the NWFD Convention 2010, an interesting and completely new development of the company Souvenir Technologies was presented. The essence is as follows: a souvenir machine in size and type resembling a payment terminal. Any person who is interested in them can make a souvenir with their own hands. To do this, the client chooses a drawing that he wants to get on his blank. After that, the client lowers the metal blank into the souvenir machine (the walls of the automaton are transparent, which allows you to observe the whole process of reincarnation). As soon as the workpiece got into the machine, the client can rotate the handle of the machine and the workpiece in front of the client passes between the special rollers of the machine, after which it falls slightly warm into the tray of the machine. Souvenir with the selected pattern is ready. Now it can be hung on the neck or on the keys as a key chain. The client has remained emotions and useful souvenir

Interview with the creator of the machine:

1) Alexey Sergeevich, in the West, vending machines for stamping ID tokens are in demand among consumers - they are hung on a chain to children, people with epilepsy, to car keys, etc. In general, a trifle - but in demand and important. Your development is positioned more as a “souvenir machine”. How is it cardinally different from Western machines for chasing ID tokens?
The cardinal difference is only one: unlike other, similar devices, both in Russia and in the West, the image is applied to our SA from two sides. We took the path of least resistance and made an automaton, which is a very simple design, which virtually eliminates the possibility of breakage, it does not have expensive parts, and it works like a clock.

2) Why did you decide to develop just such a vending machine, and no other? What are your prospects for the development of this vending sector?

I will say this, the vending market has very great development prospects, because machines replace people, therefore, they save money. The vending business in Russia still has a small share (about 15%), but is already gaining momentum. We have created such a device that makes a profit (and not a small one) and does not require much attention, like, say, the same coffee machines.

3) How was your development of the NWFD perceived by the 2010 Convention?

It may seem like an invention to you, but at the exhibition, the priorities of visitors were divided approximately equally between our project and the new moon rover. On the first day we made about a thousand souvenirs ...

4) Tell us about the mechanism of the vending machine. How is the process of using the machine. Does he give change, what payment systems is he equipped with

The machine can work both autonomously (with a battery) and from the network, since the process of making a souvenir is entirely mechanical, i.e., a souvenir with your own hands! Everything is provided in the CA: from the delivery system to the money exchange system.

5) How is the service by the operator of the machine? How to tune it? Where to buy special tokens in the machine?

Our SA does not work on tokens, but on rubles that practically everyone has with them. This is another plus. You probably immediately have a question: Is it legal?

We conducted an examination and no violations of the law were revealed.

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