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Google sued the US Department of the Interior

Google was unhappy with the decision of the US Department of the Interior, which recently announced a tender to identify the best online office suite. It is clear that there were not so few applicants, but there are two main ones: it is Microsoft with its own Microsoft Office Live, and Google with the office suite Google Apps. The tender was won by Microsoft, and Google was very unhappy with this fact.

So unhappy that she decided to sue the US Department of the Interior, saying that Google’s decision was superior to Microsoft’s decision in many ways. Not so long ago, a special version of Google Apps was released, equipped with a more reliable encryption system than the regular version of the package. And many US government organizations are interested in this package. But, the central authorities decided in their own way, and gave back the lucrative contract to Microsoft. The contract provides for the gradual transfer of all employees of the Ministry of the Interior (and there are about 88,000) to the new online office suite.

Now, Google claims that at first the Ministry announced some conditions, and then, after some time, changed these conditions in such a way that only the Microsoft package was suitable for them. All the other bidders were out of work. The decision was explained by the authorities by the fact that Microsoft Office Live is a more secure cloud-based office suite than solutions from other companies. It is clear that Google did not agree with this wording, and rushed to prove the opposite.
It is worth noting that this situation may well have a solution when Google still won its argument. For example, in 2009 there was already something similar - then it was not about the entire Ministry of the Interior, but about the authorities of the city of Los Angeles. They also chose Microsoft products, but after the court proceedings, they still had to cooperate with Google.

In principle, interesting lawsuits “there, in them” - here no one would have ever thought to sue the state. organization because of a lost tender. Itself is more expensive, as they say. It would be interesting to read about such lawsuits in more detail - which experts are involved, what arguments are given in favor of the fact that one package is really safer than the second. But while there is no such information available, we will wait ...

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