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Startup Weekend in St. Petersburg: results and innovations

The first Startup Weekend in St. Petersburg took place.
After a 3-day working session of projects and IT experts, whose main task is to work out a development plan and a strategy for entering the market, we do not abandon projects - for this we have a mentoring system.
According to the results of the monthly communication of the project with an expert who is interested in it, we are holding Mentors Day - a meeting where the project and the expert decide whether they want to continue working together and whether the expert will become a project mentor, as well as the need to attract investments.

In St. Petersburg, we decided to conduct an examination.

The day before yesterday at Startup Weekend, at the final presentation of the projects, Arkady Moreynis announced a new milestone in the work of Glavstart with mentors.
Now, not only projects will be tested for strength, but also experts who wish to become mentors of specific projects will have to undergo a difficult test called Business Lynch.
Business Lynch is practically a court hearing where a case on a project is being considered. The project advocate is a mentor, prosecutors-prosecutors - entrepreneurs who have no relation to the IT market. Thus, we will give projects the opportunity to go beyond the cozy and familiar IT-world and get an assessment from the business tycoon, who are used to asking only one question: WHERE THE MONEY?
The results of Lynch will be clear :

The first to be severely tested are St. Petersburg projects that literally yesterday entered into agreements of intent with GLAVSTART experts. In the middle of December, those of them who, after the month of work, expresses serious plans for life, will have to fight with students of the Open School of Business in St. Petersburg.
For now - we present the first results of the first St. Petersburg Startup Weekend!
Comments to the submitted projects can be read here .
The letter of intent was signed by the following projects and experts :
Photos can be viewed here .

PS: Meanwhile, already on November 8, in a week, Mentor's Day will take place, where we will learn about the fate of the projects from the second Moscow weekend.

PPS: the next Startup Weekend sessions will be held November 19-21 in Kazan and December 3-5 in Moscow.
In more detail about what will be new in the next weekend we will write, but for now you can register and send ideas to idea@glavstart.ru
Registration for SW in Kazan.
Registration for the third SW in Moscow.

Well, many thanks to all partners, friends who supported us with the conduct and preparation of the event, and, of course, experts and participants who came not only from St. Petersburg, but also from other cities (and even countries)!

PPPS: Tickets to the circus and the dolphinarium, as promised, we distributed, and Talanting awarded 3 participants with grants for free MBA education. Everything is fair. :)

See you soon!

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