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Did you buy the program? Come on…

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Yesterday a story happened to me that prompted me to write a separate post about it. In short - I bought the program on the Internet, after which the bank security service spoke to me. Read more - under the cut.

In fact, the story besides me and the security service of the bank has one more participant. This is my sister. Recently, she just got a new job. And while the employment process is underway, she was sent while she was doing some things home, as the workplace was not ready. She had to prepare very large and complex tables in Excel. With a computer, she actually is not very (although Excel knows), so she made a stupid mistake. When she wanted to copy the file from the flash drive to the desktop, she did not copy it, but made a shortcut. Then on the desktop (as she thought), she did all the work and, in order not to confuse the files, first deleted the old copy on the flash drive, and then wanted to write a new one from the desktop. It is clear that by deleting the file on the flash drive, she deleted her work for the day. The basket from the flash drive did not work.

My sister began a real tantrum ("All is lost! I will be fired !!!"). There were two options. Either do it all over again (which is almost impossible), or try to restore the file.
I have chosen to attempt file recovery. I took a flash drive from her, downloaded the corresponding program from the Internet. After making a few minutes of rustling, the program showed the contents of the Excel file, which we needed. But the program did not allow to restore the file, saying that "I will definitely restore it, just buy me."

I checked my Visa e-card account and went to Plimus to buy the program. At the initial declared price of $ 35, I somehow managed to pay $ 70, apparently because I did not uncheck the “buy additional updates” box or something like that. Well, seventy so seventy. For my sister's peace of mind (I bought it, not the program), this is not expensive. Bought, received a serial and restored the file. Sister was saved, I became a hero.

And after 15 minutes, they called me from Moscow (I myself live in Tula), as it turned out from the bank’s security service. Not words, but intonation and their emotions were like this:

- Some idiot bought on the Internet for your card a program for as much as $ 70. This is certainly not you?

- Why not me? It's me. Thank you for your vigilance.

- you? A program on the Internet? For $ 70?

- Well, yes, everything is fine, thank you.

- That is, it is not stolen your card?

- No, it's all right, thank you.

- Well, okay ... Then we will unlock your card ...

What am I all about? Citizens! What innovations, what skolkovo, what e-commerce! Lord, how everything is in its infancy. Buying a program is a whole nonstandard situation for a bank! And it is clear that the matter is not in the bank, but in the number of people buying software. I'm shocked ...

UPDATE: Guys, there are no pritenzy to the bank, the bank is great! And they said it all correctly, without rudeness. My surprise is that SO is buying so little, that such a transaction is suspicious.

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