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SQL Server 2008 Community Preview

Registered CTP Program members can now download and install SQL Server 2008 (codename "Katmai") ​​June CTP.

What is there:
1. Non-relational data types.
FILESTREAM, sparse columns, user-defined data types, data types for working with geographic information (GEOMETRY, GEOSPATIAL) and their indexing, new types for working with dates.

2. Dynamic Development.
Object Data Access (LINQ, Entity SQL new query language). Tighter integration with Visual Studio, Office, BizTalk Server, .NET 3.0
3. Business logic.
Downloading large amounts of various data to the storage and integrating them with Integration Services. Advanced features for building and publishing reports (Analysis Services), building and publishing reports using MS Office.

4. High availability and security.
Transparent encryption. Access audit. New features for mirroring and crash protection. New service model based on policies. The ability to add processors without stopping the system.

5. Opportunities for optimization.
Data compression. Performance monitoring and analysis. Query optimization.

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