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Solar powered laptop. Imecs meets howest

Baptized "IMEC Meets Howest" system is the first of its kind laptop that can operate from only two relatively small solar panels. Jan Leyssens developed this working prototype based on the Asus Eee PC with Chronium OS on board.

As the author himself tells the idea, the choice fell on the Eee PC due to its low power consumption, and the use of Chronium OS allows the laptop to work from such a small voltage.

In fact, the laptop is arranged as follows: there is a laptop directly and it connects via wire to a module containing ordinary and solar batteries. That's how you can get in the sun with this device and work at least the whole daylight hours. The author emphasizes that this is the first truly working prototype of a solar-powered laptop.

Unfortunately, I did not find any more detailed technical description, although it would be very interesting if all the modules work, what kind of lighting is required for stable operation, etc. However, if someone is very interested, you can ask the author questions in the official blog . There you will find a lot of photos as Ian collected and tested his solar laptop.

Some photos from the blog by Jan Layssens:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107414/

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