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Goodbye, MacBook Pro. New MacBook Air is too good

Last Wednesday, one of the new MacBook Airs hit my hands. Since then, I have not touched my MacBook Pro, which is only 6 months old. Rest in peace.

I know that my statement is more like exaggeration, but it is not. I recorded my first thoughts within a few hours after starting to use a new laptop. I haven't even left the house with him yet. But now I have this experience. I took it with me almost everywhere, and so for about a week. Now I’m 100% sure that Air has become a complete replacement for my MacBook Pro.

This is a really great thing. And not only because it has the most suitable screen size for me (13 inches), but what surprised me was the excellent speed. The laptop loads very quickly - in less than 15 seconds it is ready to go. An iMac with 8 GB of RAM will boot for about two minutes, and a MacBook Pro for at least 30-45 seconds.
As for applications, it seems that they load even faster. The same applies to the transfer of files, which lasts about 3 seconds. Macworld offers more detailed benchmarking tests.

By download or transfer speed, I mean first of all speed. Recently, I used only the MacBook Air and I completely missed it. For the past 6 months, I had to combine iMac and MacBook Pro to work. Judging by the processors, RAM, they should work much faster than Air. But I never noticed that the new laptop is inferior to them in something - it fully satisfies my needs in work and leisure. This was another surprise for me.

Initial comparative Macworld tests show that new laptops partially support such a crazy requirement. I have a 13-inch MacBook Air with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 1.86 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, and a 128 GB hard drive. Tests show that the new Air works better than a MacBook Pro with a faster Core 2 Duo processor and RAM. And it's not about the i5 Pro model.


Manufacturers rely heavily on memory, which undoubtedly has a significant impact on performance. The second reason is the problem of heating the laptop case of the previous model, when it worked at powers close to the maximum. With new models, the situation is different - there is no such problem and the MacBook Air can easily work at maximum load, which is what it shows in practice.

Earlier, John Gruber wondered if the new laptop fits into the MacBook product line. If you compare with the price of the main MacBook model - $ 999, then yes, at the moment it fits. But this is only for now. And I agree with that.

Air has a drawback - it is a 128 GB hard disk. Thanks in large part to Apple, we live in the world of digital music, photos, films and TV shows that need to be stored somewhere. And this is tens and hundreds of gigabytes of information. That is why a 128 GB hard drive is too small if you are going to use Air as your main machine. Most often, even 256 GB is not enough to store the necessary information. My personal digital information storage on the iMac will soon take 1 TB.

But. We all know that Apple plans to store all the necessary information in the cloud. If this idea succeeds, their devices will go like hot cakes. Straight from the shelves. Instantly.

I suppose if the volume of the hard disk would not be so important, 13-inch MacBook Air would be in great demand.

I can not say anything about the 11-inch model, since I did not work with it, but there are reviews about this laptop. The 13-inch model, which we talked about above, is the main one and costs $ 1299, 11-inch laptops are available for sale at a price of $ 999.

It's funny, but I have not said a word about the size of the new laptop - and this is an excellent lure for buyers. But Air has always had it. True, complete with compact dimensions was high price and low productivity. Now these flaws are fixed. Only in the last 6 days, five of my friends have already boasted Apple's new clothes. This is the same body material that iPhones and iPads are made of and this is a wow factor for people.


And no matter what the size of the hard drive, I have no doubt that Air is really a worthy copy in the line of MacBooks. Moreover, in the near future we will stop using optical disks and flash drives and move on to storing information online. In fact, this is the only laptop that I want to think about at the moment. The 15-inch model is even better: 10 hours of work without recharging the battery. True, and his weight is a little bigger - almost 1.5 kilograms. This is the future of MacBook Pro, which begins today.

No less pleasant to talk about battery life. The documents indicated that it is 7 hours, and my experiments showed that this figure is close to the truth. Usually, without recharging my laptop, depending on the tasks and brightness of the screen, worked for 5 to 6 hours. Several times this interval was around 7 o'clock.

As for the 30-day work in the standby mode - I had a great desire to test it, but it turned out only this option: in the evening the battery was charged 50%, and when I woke up, the indicator stood at 49%. And yes, the laptop wakes up from sleep mode instantly. The only thing that does not work in one moment is WiFi, which you have to wait to connect.

And what about the screen? At first, I thought that rebuilding after a 15-inch MacBook Pro would be quite problematic, but it turned out that it was not. The new Air has the same standard resolution of 1440 by 900.

People also cannot believe that the laptop does not heat up during operation. The only moment when I felt that it was a little warm was during repeated viewing of flash movies. But the amount of energy released doesn’t compare with the one that is released by my MacBook Pro, not to mention the old MacBook Pro, which was very hot at some points.

It's hard to think of anything else to say. This is the computer I was waiting for. The new Air makes me regret buying a MacBook Pro 6 months ago and I feel not too smart. I just can not think about the time when I want something more new.

Goodbye MacBook Pro. Your candle burned out before you finished your hard drive.


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